Onshore & Offshore DBA Services

Database Administration Outsourcing at a Fraction of the Cost

It would be challenging to find a single Fortune 500 company that is not sourcing any part of its business operations to India. But what if you are a small to mid-size company? Can you still actually receive the benefits?

In a simple answer: yes you can. The talent that is available offshore is equal to that in the U.S.A. at a fraction of the cost, giving you leverage and either lower cost or more productivity for the same cost.

A delivery model you can trust

Successful offshore delivery models assign a U.S.-based Primary DBA to be accountable for all execution of tasks. Defined processes and an experienced operative organization makes it possible for the Primary DBA to understand how to effectively manage an offshore staff and meet client expectations.

Task allocation

Knowledge-intensive work is assigned onshore to a lead U.S.-based DBA, while tasks with more defined execution are delegated to offshore resources. Datavail sources the right kind of work to get the job done right.

ITIL process and delivery principles

Datavail uses the ITIL framework to ensure quality of the database services we deliver. This encourages continuous service improvement and a persistent desire for client satisfaction.

Skeptical? Test it!

We avoid the failures of offshore work because our company leadership has the experience to understand the elements of a successful delivery model. We understand prior experience or hearsay may cause some hesitancy in deciding whether this is a good choice for your company. We are also prepared to help change your mind.