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Cost Savings in Database Administration

Many businesses needed to spend rapidly to put remote work technology in place due to COVID-19. Now a global recession demands that organizations take a hard look at the cost of their database administration and other operating expenses.

Data Grows Rapidly, Pandemic or Not

Predictions say that the world will have 175 zettabytes of data by 2025. Database monitoring, incident management, performance tuning, and bug fixes are all necessary to work with this information.
While a remote workforce reduces some expenses, organizations look for savings in other areas, including their database administration. So where can you cut costs in a mission critical business service?

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How Can Businesses Effectively Manage Their Data & Reduce Costs?

Work with Cloud-based Database Administrators

Here’s how they help your business:

  • Save an average of 20 to 50 percent in recurring costs by outsourcing data management services. You maximize the value of your IT resources and minimize your OpEx costs.
  • Reduce your data management commitments in the near term with scalable services. It’s hard to predict the next thing that 2020 is going to throw at you. Get the flexibility your business needs to prepare for any possibility.
  • Get 24×7 coverage without bringing more staff on-site. Minimizing COVID-19 exposure in the workplace is critical and you don’t want more people than absolutely necessary on-site. Cloud-based database administrators never need to step foot in your building to do their jobs.
  • Improve the work-life balance of stressed-out in-house database administrators to improve retention. Everyone is under a lot of pressure, especially if you’re in an industry that had to rapidly pivot your operations. Reduce the load off of your IT staff to provide a much-needed break.
  • Let your in-house database administrators focus on high-value tasks to keep them engaged. They get to spend time on the tasks that befit their senior level role, while low-level tasks are smoothly managed through cloud-based services.
  • Bring in as-needed expertise to handle urgent projects or staffing shortages. You can rapidly respond to any situation, good or bad, with the database administration resources you need.
  • Pay only for the services you use so you can better control your IT budget. Sustaining your operations through the near-term is the first order of business, and there’s always time to expand once you reach stable ground.
Set up fixed price monthly contracts without a long-term commitment to prepare for the new normal.

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