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Board Game End of Life

Much like older databases like SQL Server 2012, Oracle 12c, PostgreSQL 10, and MySQL 5.7, sometimes board games reach end of life.

Tell us your favorite database/board game mashup to enter to win your own copy of Datavailopoly!

We have legacy copies of Datavailopoly, the only board game by DBAs, for DBAs, and that got us wondering: If databases were classic board games, which ones would they be?

Oracle provides the luxury feel of Monopoly – an established legacy player trusted by large enterprises.

SQL Server
Consider SQL Server as the Scrabble of databases. It’s a classic board game choice that is a powerhouse of language and adaptable to many situations.

MySQL is like Checkers – a friendly game that’s easy for anyone to learn. Reliable and accessible to all.

PostgreSQL brings the strategy of Risk to the table with feature-rich options for customizing your data experience. Conquer your database needs!

MongoDB encourages creative data architecture, like building the perfect tower in Jenga. Scale new heights!

Cassandra is like Twister – it can flex and bend to provide data accessibility from different angles.

MariaDB is like Connect Four, but with data instead of colored discs. Your queries drop like strategic tokens, and with each move, you’re one step closer to shouting ‘Data Four!’ in victory!

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