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Category: Application Development & Integration

Do You Need to Create a Customer Journey?

An overview of what a customer journey is and the various stages, and how it can help marketers provide a better customer experience.

Duneel Muthubandara | September 13, 2022

AppDev vs. DevOps: What’s the Difference?

Overview of the difference between the function of developing an application, or appdev, and the function of managing its operations, or DevOps, and their importance.

Sambit Ghosh | September 1, 2022

Are You Running Into Challenges While Setting Up DevOps?

There are many advantages to setting up a DevOps environment for your AppDev. But it requires technical and organizational changes that need to be managed carefully.

Richard Schulz | August 30, 2022

When DevOps Goes Bad

Real-life examples when companies overlooked the importance of DevOps in their software and application development initiatives, and the consequences.

Sambit Ghosh | August 25, 2022

Grow Faster: Outsource Your AppDev and ADM Services

COVID19 & Digital Transformation has left organizations behind in their application initiatives. But companies can outsource their appdev needs to the right partner who can provide services that are scalable, customizable & fit individual budgets.

Sambit Ghosh | August 18, 2022

Don’t Try This at Home: Leave ADM to the Professionals

Legacy applications that are outdated are not just providing bad UX for employees & customers-they are security liabilities that cause huge risks to companies. That’s why good Sprint Teams are intrinsic for every organization’s appdev initiatives.

Sambit Ghosh | August 16, 2022

DevOps: In-house or Outsourced?

An overview regarding the reasons an organization can benefit from developing a proprietary app, and an overview regarding the advantages of outsourcing DevOps.

Richard Schulz | August 11, 2022

Are You Providing Proactive Customer Service?

An overview of proactive customer service tactics for improving your customers’ experience, along with implementing the right tools and CRM to help in these efforts.

Duneel Muthubandara | July 26, 2022

5 Myths Regarding Customer Service

An overview of certain misconceptions regarding the customer service that organizations are providing, and what they should be focusing on.

Duneel Muthubandara | July 21, 2022