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Category: Application Development & Integration

How to Get External Data in to SharePoint

Microsoft has introduced a new feature called Business Data Catalog for enhanced capabilities in SharePoint to help organizations.

Krishna Naik | January 25, 2018

The Three Pillars of Modern Applications

Modern applications help leverage your data available. To modernize your applications, you have to build them on top of three essential pillars to achieve goals.

Eric Russo | December 19, 2017

Why Continuous Improvement Is the Key to Growing as a Business

Modern businesses can no longer rely on a “set it and forget it” approach. Application modernization is key to continuous improvement.

Eric Russo | December 5, 2017

Designing Portal Sites for Business Success

A SharePoint portal helps organizations distribute information to employees for processes and creates a sense of community.

Nidhi Gupta | November 20, 2017
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