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Reason #5 to Migrate to MongoDB Atlas: Technical Support

Author: Esayas Aloto | | August 30, 2019

Your database administrators have a lot to handle on a daily basis. They need to watch your systems closely to make sure that there are no major incidents, continually optimize operations to ensure databases are always available when needed, keep up to date on the latest regulations, and dozens of other tasks that eat up their time.

When your DBAs have to think about support and maintenance obligations on top of that workload, they can end up on the road to burnout and disengagement. MongoDB Atlas offers your IT team an alternative to doing the technical support all on their own. Read on to learn about the fifth reason to migrate to Atlas: technical support.

No More Vendor Wait Times

Some organizations use hundreds of cloud services with varying levels of integration. When you encounter an issue with your underlying cloud infrastructure, you could end up playing phone tag with multiple vendors or waiting on hold to try to figure out the problem.

That’s time that is better spent elsewhere. You can eliminate this inefficiency by working with MongoDB Atlas, as their support team will directly liaison with the cloud vendor to get the issue resolved.

A single point of contact for all of the cloud infrastructure-related problems is a lifesaver for DBAs. Your team doesn’t have to waste their time trying to figure out the exact issue or jumping from vendor to vendor for troubleshooting.

Active User Community

MongoDB is an open-source project that comes with a robust user community. When you run into bugs and other issues, you have many opportunities to reach out to third-party developers and look at the community resources available.

For example, there is the MongoDB Slack community and community support forum. MongoDB also has a strong presence on Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange, so DBAs can often discover the information that they’re looking for from their peers.

Support from MongoDB Engineers

Another way that MongoDB Atlas helps your company with technical support issues is through a paid premium support option. The MongoDB engineers have extensive hands-on knowledge of this technology and help your company get the most out of your systems. After all, they’re the ones who built the database technology to begin with.

The end-to-end support really shines when you’re trying to push the limits of what MongoDB can do or want to try it out in an unusual use case. You get first-party resources to accomplish these goals and to troubleshoot any problems that come up along the way.

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