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On-Demand Training: Improve SQL Performance with Query Tuning Techniques

Author: Eric Russo | | July 18, 2019

If you’re responsible for keeping your SQL databases in peak condition, you know what a challenge it can be. It’s especially complicated when you’re working with large-scale data because even seemingly insignificant changes can have an extraordinary positive or negative impact. Use this on-demand training to improve your database performance with query tuning techniques.

Learn from an Expert

Datavail’s Raj Tandel presents this two-part training session. Raj is a Microsoft Certified Solution Associate for SQL server 2012 and 2014. He brings more than 15 years of SQL server DBA experience on relational databases, application development, and performance tuning.

You’ll find that his insight into the challenges you face goes far beyond what you’ll find in other resources on the topic. Raj has the hands-on experience that allows him to explain the problems and solutions in a way that you can relate to, which will help you hone your skills.

See Operations in Real Time

Raj shares his screen with you to show you exactly how different types of queries are processed. He doesn’t talk about theory. During the training, he shows you exactly what is happening behind the scenes. This in-depth discussion and demonstration lets you understand exactly how queries are processed, and why some queries can reduce performance.

He doesn’t just give you a list of things to do; he lets you draw your own conclusions based on a demonstration of how the system responds to different types of queries. You will actually see how using the right type of queries can have an amazing impact on performance.

Get Insider Tips

This on-demand training will cover a number of issues, including:

  • User Defined Functions (UDF). How and why UDFs can degrade performance and how to avoid it
  • T-SQL new functions and performance. How to use SQL Server 2017 new string functions, string aggregate and translate and use them over old techniques to get better performance.
  • Common query tuning techniques. Examples of how to change queries for better performance
  • SQL Server transaction types. How explicit transactions help to improve performance
  • Comparing table variables, temporary tables, and correlated subqueries. The main factors involved in choosing between table variable or temporary table and demonstrate few simple rules to get better performance.

You will see examples of how different tuning techniques can have an amazing impact on performance.

Take Advantage of Our Query Tuning Techniques Training

When your database isn’t performing well, it costs users time, and it can have a negative impact on other applications running on the same computer or network. Using the right query tuning techniques lets you change execution time without changing functionality.

You can reduce and balance the workload when you identify operations that take an unreasonable amount of system resources and use different techniques to produce the same result. This training will help you reach your goals for keeping your systems running at peak efficiency.

We know that your schedule is very busy. It’s not always possible to attend a scheduled training session. That’s why our on-demand training is available for you when it fits into your busy day.

Start now! You can access the Query Tuning Techniques training at your convenience. Start with Part 1, and then continue to Part 2. You can also connect with Raj Tandel on LinkedIn at rajnikant-tandel and on Twitter at @tandelrajni.

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