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Key #1 to Efficient FP&A: Improving Hyperion Performance

Author: Bobby Ellis | 4 min read | June 19, 2018

The Oracle Hyperion software suite delivers powerful, effective solutions for enterprise performance management (EPM) to thousands of customers on a daily basis.

Yet despite its advantages, an on-premises Hyperion footprint needs a steady hand to guide it in order to avoid crashes and performance issues. This means that administrators need access to real-time insights about how users and applications are behaving within the environment.

Unfortunately, much of the information needed to proactively manage a Hyperion environment is not readily available with an out-of-the-box Hyperion deployment. To make matters worse, many tools for application performance management (APM) are reactive, sending alerts only when a service has already failed.

With little visibility into what is really going on in the environments, performing root cause analysis (RCA) is a much greater challenge. In addition, your organization is not in the business of putting out Hyperion fires – keeping the software running is a means of achieving your core business objectives, not an objective in itself.

Having too much Hyperion downtime, and spending too much time on resolving technical performance issues ultimately distracts administrators and users from their true strategic job functions.

Instead of spending hours or days on trying to identify the underlying issues, many Hyperion administrators instead choose simply to restart the entire system, creating a major disruption to the company’s operations. Rebooting is a temporary fix that might work in a pinch, but it is not a lasting solution to your problems.

In order to accurately diagnose and resolve performance issues, you need a truly proactive APM tool that has been specially designed to work with Oracle Hyperion from the ground up. By finding the proximate cause of the issue, you can fix the problem without needing to reboot, or by only rebooting certain subsystems to minimize disruption.

Datavail’s Accelatis software platform, created by Hyperion specialists at recent acquisition Accelatis, is the only APM software tailored especially for use with Hyperion. Our software notifies administrators not only when a service or application has failed, but also when symptoms suggest a failure is imminent. This allows you to pinpoint and resolve problems before they become an issues for users in your production environment.

Our APM platform offers the features that Oracle customers need to successfully manage their Hyperion deployment, including:

  • Console views for overseeing properties and activities at the server, application, and environment levels.
  • Dashboards that track Hyperion-specific metrics and key performance indicators.
  • Real-time alerts for performance declines and crashes.
  • Pre-built scripts for automating common and repetitive Hyperion management tasks.

Final Thoughts

As with any complex system, Oracle Hyperion needs continuous monitoring to ensure that it is operating at maximum efficiency. By putting in the work ahead of time to choose the right APM solution, you can avoid the hours of tedious problem-solving and troubleshooting that would otherwise lie in your future.

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