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Cracking the Cloud Code: Elevate Financial Reporting with Narrative Insights

Author: David Silverstrim | 6 min read | December 12, 2023

As businesses face increasing pressures to provide accurate and timely financial reporting, traditional reporting methods require more efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility.

Fortunately, cloud-based Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions like Oracle Narrative Reporting have emerged to streamline financial reporting and provide actionable insights into business performance. In this article, we delve into the key benefits of EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting, such as its ability to automate report generation, analyze data in real-time, and simplify compliance with regulatory requirements.

Whether you’re a finance professional seeking to optimize your reporting processes or a business leader looking for deeper insights into your organization’s financial health,  read on for valuable insights and actionable tips to help unlock the power of EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting.

What is EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting?

EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting is an innovative solution offered by Oracle that provides a secure, collaborative, and process-driven approach to management and narrative reporting. This cloud-based platform lets users quickly define, author, review, and publish financial and management report packages while leveraging multidimensional analytics to source, analyze, and store data.

What sets EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting apart from other reporting solutions is its ability to streamline the financial reporting process by automating report generation, simplifying collaboration, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Additionally, users can choose to source data from the cloud via built-in analytics or leverage existing data sources to author content and generate actionable insights.

Overall, EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting is a powerful tool for organizations seeking to optimize their financial reporting processes, gain deeper business insights, and make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Key Features and Benefits of EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting:

1) ​​Automated Report Generation:

One of the critical benefits of EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting is the ability to automate report generation. This feature enables users to create financial reports faster and more accurately, reducing the time and resources required to generate reports manually.

2) Streamlined Collaboration:

Studies have shown that 75% of employees consider teamwork and collaboration essential. EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting provides collaborative features that allow multiple users to work together on report creation and review. This streamlines the collaboration process, improves productivity, and enhances communication among team members.

3) Multidimensional Analytics:

With multidimensional analytics, users can explore the relationships between different data dimensions and comprehensively view an organization’s financial performance.

EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting provides built-in analytics that allows users to visualize data using charts, graphs, and tables. Users can also import data from existing data sources, such as ERP systems, spreadsheets, and databases, to analyze and report on financial data in real-time.

Providing multidimensional analytics helps users identify trends and patterns in their financial data, which can inform business decisions and drive strategic initiatives. With more profound insights into an organization’s financial performance, users can make informed decisions that align with their business goals and objectives. Ultimately, this can help organizations achieve greater efficiency, profitability, and competitiveness in their respective markets.

4) Regulatory Compliance:

EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting simplifies compliance with regulatory requirements by providing features such as data governance and audit trails. These features ensure that financial reports are accurate, transparent, and compliant with industry regulations and standards.

5)  Actionable Insights:

EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting helps users generate actionable insights into their organization’s financial performance. This enables users to identify trends, opportunities, and potential risks and make informed decisions based on real-time data.

How EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting Streamlines Financial Reporting:

EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting is a game-changing platform that revolutionizes financial reporting processes. One of its unique features is the ability to combine data and narrative comprehensively and interactively.

Using report packages and reference doclets, EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting ensures that all stakeholders can access the latest financial data and analysis. Additionally, the platform offers secure collaboration features that allow for efficient collaboration and secure sharing of sensitive financial information.

With EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting, users can report confidently, knowing that they have access to accurate, reliable data. Ultimately, EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting streamlines financial reporting by providing users with an efficient and collaborative platform that offers real-time insights into business performance.

We’ve put together a detailed know-how guide, “Quantitative Data + Qualitative Insights = EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting,” covering all the aspects of the Cloud Narrative Reporting platform. Now, gain confidence in your reports with direct access to one version of the truth on a single reporting platform for all financial, management, and statutory reporting.

Streamline Your Financial Reporting with Datavail:

EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting is a robust platform that can help organizations streamline their financial reporting processes and gain deeper insights into their business performance. With features such as automated report generation, streamlined collaboration, multidimensional analytics, regulatory compliance, and actionable insights, EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting offers a range of benefits that can help organizations optimize their financial reporting processes and make data-driven decisions.

To ensure the successful adoption of EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting, partnering with a trusted and experienced provider of Oracle technology solutions is essential. By partnering with Datavail, organizations can maximize the ROI of their Oracle technology investments and ensure a successful migration to the cloud. Contact Datavail specialists today to learn how we can help you plan your migration to the cloud and achieve your business goals.


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