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Author: Vikas Mukhi

Live Chat Features that Increase Your Strategy’s Effectiveness

Final blog post in the series takes on the essential live chat features that increases organizations’ strategy effectiveness.

Vikas Mukhi | March 20, 2019

Live Chat Features that Attract Customers

Second blog post in the series covers the essential features for live chat needed for customer satisfaction.

Vikas Mukhi | March 5, 2019

Map To Where? Enhanced Utility Customer Satisfaction!

It’s up to utility companies to track their customers’ journey to give customers what they want. The customer experience matters.

Vikas Mukhi | February 26, 2019

Enhancing the Customer Experience with Live Chat

Your customers deserve the very best experience you can provide. One way you can improve that experience is by offering live chat. See the benefits.

Vikas Mukhi | February 21, 2019

Economic Woes Wallop Utilities

Today’s utilities have never been more stressed to provide more services with fewer resources. Technology and analytics can help them rise to that challenge.

Vikas Mukhi | October 30, 2018

Technology Minimizes Utility Write-offs and Shut-offs

Technology can help utility companies reduce the instances of write-offs and shut-offs by providing them with information needed to make those critical decisions.

Vikas Mukhi | October 18, 2018

Enhancing the Utility Customer User Experience

While many utility companies have yet to enter the “UX” arena, those that have are winning the affections of both their customers and their management.

Vikas Mukhi | October 2, 2018

Many Customers = Many Journeys

Use of the “customer journey map” is growing as industries recognize the value of understanding and responding to their customers’ unique needs and demands.

Vikas Mukhi | May 3, 2018

Pre-Pay Electricity: Here’s Some IT You Could Use

If you’re a utility looking at a prepaid offering, you should consider these types of IT support that can make prepaid service succeed or fail.

Vikas Mukhi | April 26, 2018

Three Utilities That Transformed the Digital Customer Experience

Find out about why building a digital bridge for utilities customers isn’t optional, and industry customer engagement success stories.

Vikas Mukhi | April 10, 2018

How Social Media Can Personalize Your Customer Service

Using social media for customer service used to be a trend; now it’s used regularly by companies. New blog posts shows all of the advantages of social media usage.

Vikas Mukhi | April 3, 2018

How to Get Feedback from Customers

Gathering customer data requires a careful approach to asking your customers for information without driving them away.

Vikas Mukhi | March 27, 2018

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