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Author: Tom Hoblitzell
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What Does Essbase 19c Mean for Me if I’m on 11.x, 12c, or OAC?

If you’re thinking about upgrading to Essbase 19c, here’s how it will affect your existing applications like E/PBCS, OAC, BIFS, and more.

Tom Hoblitzell | October 24, 2019

What’s Coming this Fall in Essbase 19c

At Kscope 2019, Oracle announced the upcoming release of Essbase 19c. The estimated release date isn’t far off – read about what’s coming in this blog post.

Tom Hoblitzell | October 18, 2019

Kscope Recap: Big Changes with Essbase 19c

There were a lot of changes to the Oracle Analytics product suite announced at Kscope19 this year. This post talks about what’s new in Essbase 19c.

Tom Hoblitzell | August 20, 2019

The Future of Deep Learning for Your Business

Deep learning is already being used in many different ways and its future growth holds many exciting possibilities for businesses. Find out why.

Tom Hoblitzell | August 6, 2019

Why Developers are Ditching Hadoop for Kubernetes

What’s behind the recent move to Kubernetes and where is the big data landscape going in the future?

Tom Hoblitzell | July 31, 2019

Qlik vs. Tableau vs. Power BI: Which BI Tool Is Right for You?

Tableau, Power BI, and Qlik each have their benefits. What are they and how do you choose? Read this blog post for a quick analysis.

Tom Hoblitzell | June 6, 2019

The Top 2019 Trends in Data Governance

This blog post discusses some of the insights that we can glean from the recent Business Application Research Center (BARC) survey data.

Tom Hoblitzell | May 9, 2019

Master Data Management: How to Get the High-Quality Data Your Business Needs

This blog post reviews BARC’s recommendations for improving MDM at your organization, broken down by the three classic factors of people, processes, and technology.

Tom Hoblitzell | May 2, 2019

The 3 Top Business Intelligence Trends of 2018

BARC’s latest survey identifies three trends as particularly important for BI practitioners this year. Read this blog post to find out what they are.

Tom Hoblitzell | December 20, 2018

What Makes Best-in-Class BI Companies So Special?

In this blog post, we discuss three of the top BI trends, and why each one is crucial to the success of your BI & analytics program.

Tom Hoblitzell | December 13, 2018

Technology Harnesses Tomorrow’s Utility Revolutions

Today’s utility grids are aging and will require significant upgrades and updates to manage the demands of the very near future. What role will technology play?

Tom Hoblitzell | October 23, 2018

Technology Reimagines the Utility Company

Consumers are no longer tied to a single source of power. Today’s emerging utility-facing technologies are reinventing the consumption of utility services.

Tom Hoblitzell | October 10, 2018

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