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Author: Sloane Stricker

Top 10 Reasons DBAs Quit

Why does an extremely critical, highly paid, and very knowledgeable resource have a high risk profile for quitting? What factors can an IT manager consider when trying to increase retention rates of DBAs?

Sloane Stricker | September 28, 2011

Database Monitoring Types Exposed: a Handy Comparison Chart

With today’s mission-critical 24×7 applications, monitoring your databases can be just as important as the actual database or DBA itself.

Sloane Stricker | September 13, 2011

The New DBA Reality

DBAs must be able to react, communicate, and plan across many different business functions. They are not easy to find and are often shockingly costly as a percentage of IT payroll.

Sloane Stricker | August 16, 2011

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