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Author: Rakesh Nagdev
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OCI: Relevance Delivered Regionally

This blog aims to cover how cloud computing works within a regional organizational structure. Learn more.

Rakesh Nagdev | November 10, 2021

Say No to Startup Data Overwhelm

For many startup companies, data management would be too great to overcome without the support of a dedicated “Data Management as a Service” team.

Rakesh Nagdev | September 22, 2020

How DBAs Will Support the Digital Workplace

The digital workplace is something that every company needs to address in order to stay competitive. Download our white paper about Cloud DBAs today!

Rakesh Nagdev | August 4, 2020

How Oracle Apex Can Transform Your Enterprise App Development Cycle

Oracle APEX is a powerful and user-friendly low code platform that allows your organization to make enterprise applications quickly. New blog details its features.

Rakesh Nagdev | July 2, 2020

7 Things Oracle Enterprise Manager Can Do

Oracle had made a ton of innovations when it comes to Oracle Enterprise Manager. Read about seven things you may not know OEM13c can do.

Rakesh Nagdev | January 14, 2020

Simultaneous Bulk Upgrades

Learn how Oracle 11g bulk upgrades helped a digital marketing company reduce downtime by 75%.

Rakesh Nagdev | October 25, 2018

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