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Say No to Startup Data Overwhelm

Author: Rakesh Nagdev | | September 22, 2020

The exponential growth in the numbers of programming languages, apps, formats, and devices makes managing today’s data stores incredibly intricate. The work is made even more difficult when also adding the equally increasing numbers of regulations and regulators around the world, who continue to issue ever-more stringent rules about data privacy and control. For many startup companies, the consequent data management hurdle would be too great to overcome without the support of a dedicated “Data Management as a Service” team.

Data Management as a Service?

The growing influx of data concerns brings with it an obligation to understand and master the control of each, regardless of its origin or purpose. Further, in today’s global economy, no company can exempt itself from the practice without risking losing its prime target market. However, those same companies rarely have the funding to fully staff a dedicated data management team. A managed services provider can help resolve problems many of these issues such as:

  1. The team brings instant expertise. As a data management contractor, Datavail is already experienced in both legacy and emerging data management systems, having worked through the evolution of Big Data into “Mega Immense Data.” Having already mastered the demands of the varying channels, devices, operating systems, etc., Datavail now shares its knowledge and skills with its customers to ensure that they, too, can master the data that drives their business.
  2. They’re ahead of the regulations curve. Europe’s implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) last year appears to be just the beginning of a global sweep toward stricter data privacy rules. In January 2020, California’s“Consumer Privacy Act” (CCPA) goes into effect, which is creating yet another layer of compliance oversight for organizations that handle consumer data.

    Like the GDPR, the CCPA applies to any company doing business in the state, even if they don’t actually have a physical presence there. Companies doing business in Europe or with Europeans that are already compliant with the GDPR will have an easier time becoming compliant with the CCPA. Those organizations that aren’t yet (or don’t need to be) compliant with the GDPR, however, may be starting at square one; accessing a data management service provider already skilled with similar compliance mandates will certainly ease that process.

  3. They’re on top of data management architectures. Managing the volume of data also means managing how it’s used, stored, and accessed. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning means that more machines and programs than ever before are accessing data and gleaning ever-more granular business insights in the process. A dedicated data management service provider will help its customers implement these tools to delve even deeper into their proprietary information.

Data management is challenging especially when a company is not in the business of data management. Accessing the services of a data management specialist can save money and time for every startup that wants to use its internal resources to achieve more specific corporate goals.

At Datavail, the security and privacy of our client data forms the bedrock of our culture. We continue to invest in security capabilities that enable the safety of the data and systems entrusted to us by our clients. This investment is at the heart of our ISO/IEC 27001:2013 commitment, compliance and certification. Contact us to learn more.

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