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Author: Eric Russo
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Untangling YARN – What Is It?

Apache Hadoop released its version 2.2.0, which now includes Apache YARN. It is acknowledged as one of the greatest changes within this latest update, but what is YARN?

Eric Russo | June 2, 2014

Investigating Missing SQL Indexes to Increase Performance

If your organization uses a relational database, chances are it relies on an SQL server.

Eric Russo | December 12, 2013

Break Your Database: The Merits of Database Sharding

Dividing your database into parts can lead to a performance boost.

Eric Russo | October 27, 2013

Apache Hadoop: What’s the Big Deal?

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Apache Hadoop, an open-source software project for the distributed processing of Big Data. Here’s a look at its features.

Eric Russo | October 11, 2013

Cloud Considerations for DBAs

When considering a move to the cloud, administrators must work with others to develop a comprehensive operational plan that includes database security.

Eric Russo | October 10, 2013

Creating a Roadmap for Migrating to the Cloud

You’ve decided to move to the cloud and identified those assets to be transferred. Now, you can establish a transition plan.

Eric Russo | October 8, 2013

Working With Big Data: What Is a Landing Area?

Why do you need a data landing area when working with Big Data? 

Eric Russo | October 7, 2013

How to Build a Big Data Team

What’s the best way to embark on a Big Data project? The first step is to build a competent team able to understand the problems the organization is attempting to solve by applying Big Data.

Eric Russo | October 6, 2013

What Is Data Classification and How Can It Help Protect Your Data?

With increasingly prominent data breaches worldwide, how can you best protect your organization and its data?

Eric Russo | September 26, 2013

How Much More Time Until That Backup/Restore is Done?

SQL Server Database Administrators always get to hear the age-old question: How much longer will that restore or backup take?

Eric Russo | July 13, 2010

Great tip for us SQL Server DBAs – Uninstall Programs from Command Line

It has happened to most SQL Server DBAs and Windows Administrators before: We go to uninstall a program, on Windows Server…

Eric Russo | May 28, 2010
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