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Author: Charleste King
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Maximum Uptime: DocumentDB Introduces MongoDB Compatibility to the Amazon Cloud

Discover why companies are so excited about AWS DocumentDB as well as how it compares to MongoDB. Get the details >

Charleste King | February 5, 2019

MySQL Security

Using a largely open source RDMS, such as MySQL, provides its own certification challenges.

Charleste King | June 26, 2018
high availability

Minimizing Risk with MySQL Group Replication

MySQL databases power your business, and every minute of downtime has costs. High availability is essential and you can minimize risk with MySQL Group Replication.

Charleste King | September 20, 2017

Amazon RDS vs Amazon EC2 | Amazon Web Services EC2 vs RDS

Ready to migrate your MySQL database to Amazon Web Services (AWS)? Which is better, Amazon RDS or Amazon EC2? Learn the pros and cons of each option.

Charleste King | September 7, 2017
MySQL, high availability

The Mechanics of High Availability

High availability is necessary for organizations to compete. This blog post shows the tools for for MySQL databases and how we can help configure and deploy.

Charleste King | September 5, 2017

Top 5 Reasons to Move MySQL to AWS EC2

Many organizations are shifting toward the cloud, but how much are they moving over? New post explains top five reasons to move your MySQL database to AWS EC2.

Charleste King | August 22, 2017

How to Use CloudWatch to Monitor DB Performance

Amazon CloudWatch provides great monitoring services of AWS cloud resources and clients’ applications running on AWS infrastructure.

Charleste King | August 10, 2017
MySQL Gotchas 5.6 to 5.7

MySQL Upgrade Gotchas: 5.6 to 5.7

What to watch out for when upgrading from MySQL 5.6 to MySQL 5.7. New features and bug fixes in MySQL 5.7.

Charleste King | July 12, 2016
MySQL Gotcha

MySQL Upgrade Gotchas: 5.5 to 5.6

What to watch out for when upgrading from MySQL 5.5 to MySQL 5.6. New features and bug fixes in MySQL 5.6.

Charleste King | July 6, 2016
MySQL Clustering

MySQL Database Clustering Solutions

How do MySQL Cluster and Galera Cluster compare? What problems are associated with each software solution, and in what situations is each system preferred?

Charleste King | April 19, 2016

Five MySQL Database Storage Solutions

A quick look at five database storage alternatives for your MySQL databases, and recommendations based on your needs for redundancy, backup, speed, and storage size.

Charleste King | March 31, 2016
Forking Percona

Forking Percona? Taking Measure of the MySQL Build

Which permutation of MySQL should you be using? Datavail whitepaper compares and contrasts the major builds, including MariaDB, Percona, and Galera.

Charleste King | March 22, 2016

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