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Author: Charleste King
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MySQL Upgrade Gotchas: 5.5 to 5.6

What to watch out for when upgrading from MySQL 5.5 to MySQL 5.6. New features and bug fixes in MySQL 5.6.

Charleste King | July 6, 2016

MySQL Database Clustering Solutions

How do MySQL Cluster and Galera Cluster compare? What problems are associated with each software solution, and in what situations is each system preferred?

Charleste King | April 19, 2016

Five MySQL Database Storage Solutions

A quick look at 5 database storage alternatives for your MySQL databases, and recommendations based on your needs for redundancy, backup, speed, and storage size.

Charleste King | March 31, 2016

Forking Percona? Taking Measure of the MySQL Build

Which permutation of MySQL should you be using? Datavail whitepaper compares and contrasts the major builds, including MariaDB, Percona, and Galera.

Charleste King | March 22, 2016

Is MariaDB the Right MySQL Build for Your Enterprise?

Which permutation of MySQL should you be using? MariaDB, the sister of MySQL, is used by Google and Wikipedia, and is open-source, but not without problems.

Charleste King | March 10, 2016

Using Stack Instances to Extract More Value from SQL Server

Stacking instances, instead of installing one instance per server, can save you money through decreased server use and a reduction in total cost of ownership.

Charleste King | February 11, 2016

Database Clustering Options

Database clustering as a concept has become more complicated with the advent of high-volume database operations. Let’s explore some options.

Charleste King | December 9, 2015

The Allure of MySQL Cluster

MySQL Cluster is an attractive way to connect servers offering users high availability, redundancy, no downtime, and numerous other benefits.

Charleste King | December 8, 2015

Finding the Best Value: Microsoft Azure SQL Databases vs. Amazon RDS

Pricing isn’t the only difference between DBaaS offerings from Amazon and Microsoft, but it’s an important one. Datavail helps you find the best value.

Charleste King | December 1, 2015

InnoDB Conversion to File Per Table

Your MySQL database was working well, humming along nicely, but quite suddenly performance went south, especially during periods of heavy usage. Maybe you’re seeing deadlocks, or it’s just incredibly slow. If your MySQL database is using InnoDB there is a good chance you need to change your InnoDB storage.

Charleste King | April 23, 2012

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