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By Eric Russo | On November 20th 2014
SQL Storage
As we discussed previously in our SQL Server issues blog post, regular and reliable database backups are the foundation of database administration. In order for backups to run consistently and smoothly, you must have adequate disk space for the backup drive. We’ll look at two storage options for SQL Server that will ensure you never run out of room for your backup: Windows Azure Blob, which is a cloud-based option, and the StorSimple 8000 series, which combines hardware and cloud storage but comes with a…
By Eric Russo | On November 17th 2014
Update SharePoint Server 2013 Tips for DBAs
There’s been some confusion regarding the SharePoint Server 2013 patch process. Don’t think you’re alone. Microsoft has used confusing language and strange numbering conventions, making it difficult to find the information you need. What do you need to know to patch SharePoint Server 2013? First, you’ll need to know what you’ve already added. Sorting out which of the cumulative updates you have installed can be confusing. In speaking with Microsoft experts, Kurt Mackie, senior news producer for the 1105 Enterprise Computing…
By Andy McDermid | On November 11th 2014
SQL Server Service Pack
Microsoft announced it was releasing a final update for the SQL Server 2008 Service Pack recently, but no sooner than you could determine how to correctly spell “Kilimanjaro” did the folks in Redmond issue SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 4. SQL Server 2008 R2 SP3 was supposedly the last release, but there were two different releases for this particular version of SQL Server. As Peter Vogel explained to Visual Studio Magazine, the issue extends to the different SQL Server releases -…
By Patrick Gates | On November 5th 2014
DBA Manager
Have you found yourself thrust into new responsibilities within your IT department as a manager overseeing database operations? You may be what’s called an “Accidental DBA.” As Microsoft’s TechNet explains: Not all DBA resources are in the DBA role by choice. Some were assigned DBA responsibilities with little notice and no formal training. If this describes you, you might be an accidental DBA. Even for professionals in this new…