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By Craig Mullins | On December 23rd 2014
No Black Boxes!
I’ve written about this subject before, but I think it is important enough to merit another go-round. First of all, before I go any further, let’s first define what I mean by a “black box.” If I plan to recommend that you prohibit them we better both understand what it is we are talking about proscribing. Simply put, a black box is a database access program that sits in between your application programs and DB2. It is designed so that all application…
By Owens Gollamandala | On December 17th 2014
SharePoint Performance Problems & Solutions by Datavail
You may be using Microsoft’s SharePoint, a web application framework, in your enterprise or organization. Keeping it operating seamlessly across the network is an essential, ongoing task that requires periodic attention. A common problem is system sluggishness. Slow page loads obviously waste a user’s time, but when SharePoint bogs down, it can translate into other issues. If someone has problems accessing documents needed for collaborative projects, or if a third-party supplier has problems with extranet access, the problem becomes a business…
By Craig Mullins | On December 16th 2014
DB2 Compression
Data compression for non-mainframe DB2 is quite a bit different than it is for DB2 for z/OS. In mainframe DB2, specifying COMPRESS YES on the CREATE TABLESPACE statement will cause DB2 to implement Ziv-Lempel compression for the table space in question. Data is compressed upon entry to the database and decompressed when it is read. For DB2 on Linux, Unix, and Windows (LUW), when creating a table, you can use the optional VALUE COMPRESSION clause to specify that the table is using…
By Owens Gollamandala | On December 12th 2014
SharePoint Running Slowly
Microsoft’s SharePoint is a web application framework you may be using in your enterprise or organization to create web pages or to enable collaboration through its content and document management capabilities. Running slowly is a common performance issue associated with SharePoint. Sluggish page loads obviously waste a user’s time, but these can translate into other issues when latency issues become business productivity problems. SharePoint Design Problems Why could SharePoint be running slowly? There are several possible reasons, but the primary problem we’ve identified – based on our for clients…