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By Andy McDermid | On September 17th 2014
maginfying glass data
In managing a database or sometimes numerous databases, we often get caught up in the day-to-day maintenance and lose sight of the other principles we know are critical to ensuring optimal performance. Here’s a quick refresher. Monitor & Maintain Regularly I recommend a Goldilocks approach to day-by-day database management: find a level of effort that is “just right.” Don’t get lost in the forest verifying every configuration option and following up on every performance hiccup. Don’t bite off more project work than you can chew. I…
By Andy McDermid | On August 11th 2014
Choosing the Right Health Check
For some businesses, conducting a Health Check can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and the results, well, frustrating. However, a Health Check can be easy and rewarding for any business that wants to improve server performance, especially if you take the time to find the right solution provider. The Anatomy of a Health Check As you evaluate solutions, consider that a traditional health check is the first of three components necessary for monitoring and optimizing a database environment. It serves to simply but thoroughly measure the…
By Eric Russo | On August 7th 2014
Business Value of a Health Check
White Paper What criteria should help a manager properly evaluate the merits of a paid health check? In this paper, we explore various possibilities including working with outsourced database management firms, using in-house services, or simply waiting to perform any such examination. Data is the most valuable currency in any organization, yet in many cases, even those people responsible for its integrity and security may…
By Chuck Ezell | On August 4th 2014
Database Reporting Slowdowns
Databases are the cornerstone of any business, storing every important detail that keeps them operating. They behave as living things, growing in a way that seems very organic. And like living things, databases require maintenance and care in order to remain effective and functional. As your database grows, so do your demands on the data within it. As a skilled SQL tuner, I was recently interviewed by Software Advice, a business intelligence systems reviewer, to put together