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By Anirudh Sunder | On October 12th 2015
Hadoop is an open-source software framework for storing and processing heavy data by distributing them on large clusters of dependable hardware. Essentially, the Hadoop framework was conceptualized to accomplish two tasks: 1. Massive data storage 2. Lightning fast processing How was this framework named? “Hadoop” was the name of a “Yellow Toy Elephant” owned by the son of one of its inventors. Hadoop as a brand experienced euphoric and progressive success because of its ability to digest and adapt exponential change and encompass impacting sub-technologies within it, which eventually enhanced its purpose of existence. With its ability…
By Chuck Ezell | On October 8th 2015
In this age of Big Data, an organization’s ability to nimbly respond or adapt to variables affecting their operations — such as sales or supply chain issues, or even the weather — increasingly depends on how well it copes with the vast amounts of data and metadata flowing into its networks. Splunk is a helpful tool for visualizing, monitoring, and analyzing all of that data and metadata. Splunk is software for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated data from various sources through a Web-style interface. Machine data refers to…
By Robin Caputo | On October 7th 2015
There’s a persistent need for part-time database administrators, including such simple issues as covering for DBAs at night or during vacations or leave. Many companies maintain databases that do not require the services of a full-time DBA, but do need to be monitored and maintained. Datavail, the world’s largest firm devoted solely to remote database administration, has released a new whitepaper called 10 Reasons You Need Half a DBA, that analyzes many companies’ experiences with fractional services. This is the second of two blog posts gleaning important…
By Eric Russo | On October 6th 2015
Row-level security never got this easy with SQL Server 2016
Security has been one of the focus area by Microsoft SQL Server product team. Almost all the releases either have some new security feature or enhancement of an existing features. The same story continues with SQL Server 2016 as well. There are many security features like “Always Encrypted”, “Dynamic Data Masking”, “enhancement of Transparent Data Encryption” and “Row-Level Security” added in SQL Server 2016. In this blog we would talk about Row-Level security feature. Row-level security provides fine-grained…