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By John Kaufling | On April 21st 2014
Reducing the Wait for Garbage Collection
When we’re profiling application code, there’s one common problem in the Java operating environment that has the potential to affect the entire application: Garbage Collection. In code creation, Garbage Collection is a function of memory management used to eliminate memory allocation issues and increase productivity. Although the process should free up memory in use, it sometimes creates more problems than it solves. It can create latency and other performance issues. Chuck Ezell, senior applications tuner at Datavail, explains:
By Chuck Ezell | On April 16th 2014
Working with HP Diagnostics
We’ve introduced many different ways in which you can profile your application code. There’s a particular tool Datavail’s Chuck Ezell has used to proactively profile code: HP Diagnostics. The tool allows users to be proactive and returns very useful information in an easily digested visual format. With LoadRunner’s load testing capabilities, HP Diagnostics allows a user to undertake both a full application analysis and a server diagnostics analysis. The user can also use Java profilers or probes that can be configured to save the results…
By Robin Caputo | On April 11th 2014
The continually increasing variety, velocity, and volume of data and databases means there are more tools and platforms than ever available for contemporary enterprises, but often, finding qualified employees with the best possible combination of skills is a difficult task for a database administrator. With a veritable alphabet soup of languages, platforms, and applications available, supporting an enterprise’s multiple platforms often proves to be a significant challenge. It’s a challenge that can be resolved by adopting a flexible managed services contract for database administration, according to a new…
By Robin Caputo | On April 8th 2014
Outsourcing Can Provide Deep Expertise for Special IT Projects
Considering the ever-expanding variety of platforms and tools available to database administrators, it’s no surprise that not all enterprises have people on staff with the experience needed to effectively, efficiently tackle those new technologies. The ability to have deep expertise in those areas — as well as other projects your in-house staff might need help with — is a prime motivation for organizations to leverage resources available from managed services providers, according to Noel Yuhanna, principal analyst…