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Top Work From Home Tips

We are giving away weekly prizes for your top work from home tips, below is a collection of the tips we’ve received so far. Keep your submissions coming in, we have a new winner each week!

Try to maintain “normal”. Get dressed for work, kicking the shoes off at the end of the day helps separate work life from home life.

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Make To-Do lists. When working from home, it can be challenging to keep track of what you have to do. It’s easy to lose sight of priorities, tasks, and deadlines. When you make your to do list, stick to it; when you complete it, just cross it off the list. This is a simple way for keep effective and efficiency.

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It is better if you can arrange software to communicate with your team and colleagues. Have a group chat every day. Stay in touch with your team as you were at the office. It is very important. Try to share some new knowledge with your team. That might be an encouragement for them to come with exploring newer things.

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Add some biophilic design elements to your home work space. The easiest way to do that is putting a small plant on your desk or work table. Angle your work surface so that you can see outside – brings nature in. Get lots of natural light.

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Team building is still important! Be flexible in this regard, virtual happy hour, ice breaker questions, team t-shirt color day, etc. Respect schedules. Just because everyone is WFH doesn’t mean that they will be working extra hours.

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Invest in good technology. Internet connection. Good set of headphones. Monitors. Ramp up communications with colleagues. Regular standup meetings and utilize high productivity periods of the day to complete maximum of your task. Eat healthy lunch and snacks and take small breaks for body movement.

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Clubs – Books/exercising/parents – all of these bring together people who have similarities in life that is beyond work. We hold a workout every morning and afternoon there is meditation and it keeps everyone up and moving.

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If you have more than one computer, like a desktop and laptop, use the laptop for your email, audio/video conferencing, and use the desktop for your applications, systems, and internet searches. This gives you a dedicated large monitor for where you do your work (desktop), and a portable interface for your communications (laptop).

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Add a zoom scrum call, where you get a chance to see everyone on the team first thing in the morning. Helps make sure we are staying on task and know what will lead to success. Business is quite fluid these days so this has been a huge help!

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Stay active and take breaks as you easily forget to move once you’re engaged in work. Always stay on schedule for eating, exercising and sleeping. Schedule meetings to always keep communication between your team members and communicate more often than you think. Don’t work from your couch. Prepare your snacks.

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I would not be able to make it without my furry “co-workers”. They are available 24/7 for kisses and snuggles. If you don’t have a permanent one, many shelters are offering to let you foster a furry “co-worker” for the duration of the quarantine. They also make great companions for walks and getting exercise.

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Schedule virtual coffee breaks to keep up with break-room chats. This help remove the feeling of isolation.

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Setup a daily routine. Eat healthy. Walk in the house up/down to get your steps. Sleep on time. Meditate, like Yoga.

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Get a laptop stand you can raise so you can work standing up. This helps your posture, prevents back strain and you get a bit of exercise.

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Prioritize People and Connection over Convenience – Where possible, prioritize connecting with team members with video or voice over the convenience of an email or written communications.

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Make sure proper internet connectivity. Try to do more exercise and yoga to keep fit yourself. Utilize the time and learn new technologies .Help your co-workers if they face any issues.

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You can connect an extra monitor if your laptop doesn’t have a big screen or send some screens to chromecast or any other extend or screen mirroring software that you have if needed to watch monitoring software or another screen that you will need.

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