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AWS Well-Architected Review

Get cloud workload optimization recommendations based on AWS’ own best practice standards.

Continually Improve Your Cloud Architecture

Moving your workloads to the cloud and truly modernizing them are two different things. Getting the most out of your cloud architecture requires a deep understanding of your platform’s capabilities, the services and features available in the cloud, and the specific scaling needs of your workloads.

Evaluating your systems and determining where to make improvements can be challenging without a framework to reference. Thankfully, AWS has a solution to this dilemma.

AWS developed the Well-Architected Framework to help evaluate and build the most secure, high-performing, resilient, and cost-effective applications, using best practices based on thousands of workload reviews.

Datavail’s Well-Architected Review Service

A Well-Architected Review, or WAR, uses the Well-Architected Framework to review your cloud workloads to see how they match up to AWS best practices and makes recommendations based on these findings. A WAR also covers operational excellence and your observability solution.

Are you wondering whether your application or workload meets AWS best practices? In this free-of-cost engagement, Datavail’s certified AWS Architect will meet with your team and perform a WAR of a specific workload or application using the AWS Well-Architected Tool. This is a short, three to four-hour process.

Use the 5 Pillars of the Well-Architected Framework to Evaluate Your Applications and Workloads

During your WAR, Datavail’s AWS Architect evaluates your applications and workloads against the five pillars of the Well-Architected Framework, which are:

Each of these pillars is an important component of setting up your workloads for long-term success.

The Benefits of a Well-Architected Review from Datavail

A WAR allows you to discover gaps in your cloud architecture and define milestones to remediate them. The AWS Well-Architected Tool also allows you to export WAR report, which you can share with other stakeholders in your organization.

After you go through the WAR process, you’re equipped with a customized action plan specific to your organization’s workloads. Since the WAR is based on an established set of criteria, you have a consistent process for evaluation.

With WAR, your organization can better discover areas of improvement and act upon them, driving better performance, greater productivity, and excellent cost efficiency.

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