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Oracle EBS on Azure: Redefining Enterprise Resource Planning

Migrate, Modernize, and Innovate

A Strategic Path Forward

Are you thinking through these crucial questions as you consider transitioning Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) to Azure Cloud?

  • How do I ensure equal or better performance in Azure compared to dedicated hardware running in on-premise data centers?
  • How will my licensing be impacted?
  • What does support look like?
  • How do I design for redundancy and availability?

If Oracle EBS is a cornerstone of your current environment, acknowledging the 2033 deadline for Oracle’s support discontinuation is imperative. Migrating to Azure Cloud offers a strategic path forward.

Azure Cloud seamlessly integrates with Oracle EBS, facilitating a smooth transition. It provides scalability for varying workloads, robust security to safeguard sensitive data, and ensures high availability for continuous access to key applications. It’s a strategic step towards maintaining agility and competitiveness in your business operations.

The migration of Oracle to Azure addresses several challenges commonly faced by enterprises with on-premises Oracle environments:

Redundancy and Availability

Designing on-premises systems for high availability, especially for applications, web services, and databases, can be complex and resource-intensive.

Scalability Issues

On-premises infrastructure often struggles with the flexibility to scale up or down efficiently in response to fluctuating business needs.

Deployment Speed

Rapid deployment of services and applications is more challenging in an on-premises setting, often leading to delays in response to business demands.

License and Support Management

When migrating to Azure, it is essential to understand your licensing requirements and ensure that you are compliant with Oracle’s policies. This may involve monitoring the number of vCPUs used and adhering to the licensing terms for your specific Oracle software edition. By being aware of these licensing implications, you can make informed decisions about your cloud migration strategy and ensure compliance with Oracle’s licensing requirements.

Hardware Refresh Needs

On-premises environments frequently require significant hardware and infrastructure updates, which can be costly and disruptive. Many times, for EBS, this requires Oracle RAC or Oracle Exadata which drives the cost up even further.

High Capital Expenditure and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Maintaining an on-premises Oracle environment typically involves substantial capital investment and higher overall costs.

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Why Opt for Oracle EBS on Azure?

  • Scalability: Tailor resources to your business needs, ensuring cost-efficiency.
  • Security: Azure’s advanced security protocols protect your vital enterprise data.
  • Flexibility: Access Oracle EBS from anywhere, adapting to modern business requirements.
  • Integration: Seamless integration capabilities with Azure services and other applications.
  • Performance: The “Oracle Database@Azure” joint offering deploys Oracle Database services on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) hardware in Azure data centers, enabling Azure customers to easily procure, deploy, and use these services. The collocation of Oracle Exadata hardware in Azure data centers ensures optimal database and network performance, with a joint support model provided by Oracle and Microsoft.

Why Datavail Is the Right Partner for Your Oracle Azure Needs

Our approach involves a collaborative and strategic planning process.

This includes conducting a thorough Cloud Strategy and Adoption Assessment and executing a practical technology pilot with clearly defined deliverables. This method ensures a smooth and efficient transition of Oracle environments to Microsoft Azure, tailored to meet the unique needs of each business.

Optimized License Assessment

Analyses what Oracle licenses you really need in Azure and any opportunities to optimize these based upon the new Azure architecture.

Oracle Expertise

Rely on our decade of Oracle experience and 500+ certified consultants for adept software asset management and licensing guidance.

Migration Methodology

Benefit from our industry-aligned methodology and deep Oracle knowledge for seamless cloud transitions.

Integration Mastery

Trust in our full-stack management and optimization capabilities for your Oracle environment’s applications, databases, and systems.

TCO Calculator

Uncover potential savings with our Oracle TCO calculator, offering clear financial insights for Azure migrations.

Next-Gen MSP

Choose Datavail for continuous, next-generation managed services that keep your Oracle systems on Azure performing optimally and in step with business demands.

Cloud Overview

Oracle Applications & Databases Datavail Supports

  • Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle PeopleSoft
  • Oracle JD Edwards (JDE)
  • Oracle EPM/Hyperion
  • Oracle Analytics
  • Siebel
  • WebLogic, SOA Suite
  • Oracle Data Integrator
  • GoldenGate
  • And more

Datavail has achieved expertise in Oracle Cloud Competencies after completing a comprehensive cloud enablement program, indicating a high level of experience and a strong track record in these specific areas:

  • Application Development and Implementations
  • App and Data Integrations
  • Cloud Platform (Azure)
  • Cloud Productivity
  • Data Analytics and DevOps
  • Collaboration and Content
  • Windows and Devices
  • Datacenter

Azure Marketplace Offerings

Datavail offers the following services to help clients migrate and optimize their database and application workloads on Azure:

  • SQL Server Migrations to Azure
  • Azure Synapse Implementation
  • Migrating Enterprise Workloads to Azure
  • Oracle on Azure Assessment
  • Cassandra to Cosmos DB Assessment
  • Oracle to Azure Migration
  • MongoDB to Azure Cosmos DB Migration
  • MySQL Assessment & Implementation
  • Azure Data Lake Roadmap & Implementation

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