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Microsoft Power BI on Azure
Consulting Services

Companies around the world are leveraging Datavail’s industry-leading team of Power BI consultants and data visualization experts to make corporate data easier for business users to view and interpret.

Power BI Experts

With our technical expertise in the Microsoft technology stack, along with our more than 15 years as a Microsoft Partner, Datavail has helped companies from a variety of industries and sizes to meet their business goals more quickly.

Datavail specializes in providing data analytics and data services such as analytics strategy, assessments and roadmaps, data integration, data modeling, architecture design, data visualization, including customized dashboards and reports, and complex data estate migrations to Azure.

Our Microsoft Power BI support teams help companies access the valuable information that is stored across their organization. With access to their data through Power BI interactive reports and dashboards, organizations can then use their data to gain valuable insights, react more quickly (or even be proactive), find efficiencies and optimize operations, and make better, more informed, decisions.

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Power BI on Azure Services

Evaluation, Assessment & Blueprinting

Datavail will evaluate your data analytics environment including your current data platform, technology and tools, and strategize a roadmap that addresses your company’s underutilized data, taking into account your short and long-term business goals and objectives.

Analytics Architecture, Data Warehouses & Data Lakes

Datavail’s team of Azure experts will identify required company data from disparate sources, and unify them within the appropriate data platform services in order to process large quantities of data more quickly, maintain data integrity, and glean real-time insights into data using Power BI.

Data Integration

We identify key data and ingest and integrate it from disparate locations and formats, including data warehouses, databases, web services and flat files. Once the data has been ingested into the appropriate data platform on Azure, we organize and process it into engaging visualizations.

Our team can help identify the right strategy to ingest CSV, JSON, AVRO, ORC, PARQUET, and XML files and translate them to information your business community can consume.

Power BI Implementation

Datavail’s data analytics experts will implement Power BI for your unique technical and business objectives based on the roadmap we create for you. We will set-up the most appropriate Power BI environment that will provide you with the actionable insights your organization has been waiting for.

Data Visualization – Dashboards & Customized Reporting

Based on your specific business needs, objectives, and KPIs, our team of Power BI experts will design customized reports and dashboards that will give you the ability to make informed decisions in real-time.

It is critical to present metrics that are consistent across the organization, in a way that stakeholders from a variety of departments and responsibilities can quickly analyze and act upon – and Datavail has the expertise to deliver.

Our experience allows us to work with business and technology teams to define, document, and implement standardized Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across your data ecosystem to eliminate confusion and shorten the lead time to take action.

Power BI Managed Services

If you don’t have the inhouse capabilities to monitor and maintain your Power BI data analytics solution, Datavail can do it for you. We have locations across the globe and are available 24/7/365.

Whether you need consulting services for a project or for the long term, Datavail’s Microsoft consulting services can help you design and implement your Power BI instance on Azure using robust technology solutions, tune it for performance, create tailored visualizations, and tweak customized reports on an ongoing basis, as well as manage your entire Azure data analytics environment.

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Why Choose Datavail for Power BI on Azure?

Microsoft Partner

We are a Microsoft Partner and a leading data management and analytics expert consultant helping customers for more than 15 years.

Azure Cloud Migration and Management Experts

At Datavail, we’ve helped customers, both large and small, move their analytics solutions to Azure. We’ve seen impressive results when our clients leverage the capabilities in Azure to help their business grow.

ISO 27001 and 27701

Datavail has successfully implemented and maintained high security certifications including ISO 27001 and ISO 27701.

Trusted Partnership

Datavail works together with your team as an ongoing partner to ensure success of the overall program – this is not a transaction but a journey.

Meticulous and Accountable

We know what has worked for our clients, especially in things such as error-checking and data integration. We make sure that the data that was supposed to be loaded was loaded successfully and we always conduct post-load validation.

Forward Thinking

We continually invest in IP, labs, technologies and emerging platforms.

Intellectual Property (IP) Based on a Broad Learning Curve

We do not try to “reinvent the wheel” with each engagement; we bring proven methodologies, templates, and architectures to jump-start your initiative. We leverage our intellectual property (IP), which means we’re not starting from scratch to solve client problems.

Technology is Used to Solve Business Problems

We look at the business pain points to understand the problem we’re going to solve – then we solve for it.

Consultative Approach

We bring expertise in various focus areas and technologies relevant to your solution to lead and own the solution. Additionally, we provide an advisory services that are entrenched in people, processes, and technology to solve a business problem.

Build, Run, and Maintain

Our approach is to not only build the solution, but to build a solution that we can support and that leverages our existing support model.

Power BI for Midmarket Companies

Deploying powerful, robust BI and analytics solutions is often the best way for mid-market companies to survive – and thrive.

Why Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a simple, cost-effective solution to give your users and executives a birds-eye view into what’s happening across your company to generate actionable insights.

Datavail’s team of Power BI specialists can put the power of your data in your hands and the hands of your executive team and other users. Self-service platforms have incredible potential when you have access to a partner that has seen exactly what works – and what doesn’t work – across companies of your size and industry. We can build your vision and execute both the big picture and technical aspects of your data visualization strategy. And, in most cases, you already own the licenses to use Power BI.

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Power BI is a business intelligence (BI) and analytics tool that you can connect to other 3rd party solutions and data sources to create interactive reports, and other visualizations like custom dashboards, to gain deeper understanding of your organization.

It also has numerous connectors to Azure that can give you flexibility to create unique solutions that are customized to your individual business. You can connect as many Azure data sources as needed and further process your data to create reports tailored to your needs.

Cloud Overview

What Are the Benefits of Microsoft Power BI?

Power BI enables users to consume and analyze a broad range of live data from a variety of sources through easy-to-use dashboards, interactive reports, and compelling data visualizations.

Power BI easily integrates with other Microsoft solutions such as Azure, SQL, and other Office 365 software such as Excel, to create customized dashboards and reports that are insightful, impactful and in real-time. It can also connect to hundreds of other data sources.

Additional Power BI benefits:

  • Compared to other analytics tools, for such a robust tool, Power BI provides a lot of value.
  • Power BI is user friendly and intuitive.
  • Self-service capabilities include drag-and-drop functionality to create reports on the fly.
  • Use Power BI to present your “single source of truth“ that can be shared and utilized across the whole organization, regardless of location, department responsibilities, or titles.
  • Power BI connected to Azure can provide advanced AI features to allow for predictive analytics as well as advanced cloud security provided by Microsoft for Azure.

Power BI can be integrated with:

  • An existing Data Warehouse
  • Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Office 365, including Outlook and Excel
  • Dynamics 365
  • Salesforce
  • ServiceNow
  • And many more!

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