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Amazon Athena Services

Let Datavail remove your data bottleneck and help deliver information queries fast with Amazon Athena.

How Does Amazon Athena Database Software Work?

The modern business world continues to drive the need for faster computing, quicker solutions, more accessible access to information, and performance to keep ahead of the curve. The speed of information delivery has become essential for global business. Amazon Athena is a fast, interactive query service that makes it simple to analyze data using standard SQL, rather than with proprietary Amazon Athena query syntax.

With Amazon Athena databases, you no longer need to worry about having enough compute resources to achieve fast, interactive query performance. An Amazon Athena query automatically executes in parallel, allowing most results to come back within seconds.

Streamlined Amazon Athena Services

Amazon Athena opens up many possibilities for your organization thanks to its high-performance capabilities. Athena database benefits include:

Serverless architecture

You get the compute resources you need when you need them without worrying about spinning up or managing servers. You’re able to reduce the administrative overhead of your advanced analytics solutions.

Automatically parallelizes queries

Running parallel queries drastically speeds up performance and makes complex queries far more accessible.

Uses columnar formats

Optimized columnar formats allow fast query responses and analytics, so you can achieve high-performance goals through a highly efficient database structure.

Designed for high-performance workloads

Amazon Athena leverages AWS capabilities to support fast and reliable performance for interactive queries.

Cost-efficient Amazon Athena pricing

You only pay for queries you run, so you’re able to keep costs low while maintaining a scalable, high-performance resource.

Complements other AWS services

Amazon Athena works well alongside other AWS services, such as Amazon Redshift and Amazon EMR.

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Cloud Overview

AWS Services Through Datavail

Get complex analysis with no bottlenecks. Amazon Athena accesses data directly from Amazon S3. You don’t need to set up servers, frameworks, clusters, and other tools beyond that. Datavail AWS experts offer many Amazon Athena services, including:

  • Upgrading and migrating your data to Amazon S3 to ensure that you have all the needed data for your queries
  • Improving data retrieval speeds for faster query responses
  • Defining the right schema and helping you start your querying so that you can get the most out of Amazon Athena
  • Monitoring Amazon S3 and Amazon Athena and performing continuous health checks to look for optimization opportunities and identify potential problems
  • 24×7 monitoring and troubleshooting of Amazon Athena, Amazon S3, and the rest of your cloud environment

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Technology from AWS and Services from Datavail. Your total solution for BI, Applications, and Databases in the Cloud. Explore our full suite of AWS services.

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