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Amazon Keyspaces

Get a serverless Apache Cassandra environment built on the robust AWS cloud platform.

What is AWS Keyspaces?

Bring your Apache Cassandra workloads to AWS without giving up the developer tools that you already use. This serverless environment has automatic scaling, and is highly cost-efficient for your modern applications. Close to limitless storage and throughput scale support your most demanding workloads, and the serverless infrastructure eliminates many time-consuming administrative tasks.

The Benefits of Amazon Keyspaces for Apache Cassandra

Amazon Keyspaces for Apache Cassandra opens up the power of this database without bogging you down in all the infrastructure and software details. The benefits of this solution include:

Seamless migration

Bringing your Cassandra applications to Keyspaces only requires a hostname change, allowing your organization to quickly harness the service’s functionality.

Fully automated scaling

Keyspaces scales based on your application workload, so you can drastically cut down your costs and the overhead.

Keep response times under 10 milliseconds

Demanding applications get under 10 millisecond response times, so they’re able to provide a real-time experience for users.

No scale is too large

AWS Keyspaces supports thousands of requests per second, with enough throughput and storage capacity for hyperscale workloads.

Get 99.99% availability

Between the SLA, built-in replication in multiple AWS Availability Zones, and a wide range of backup solutions, you can keep your workloads going strong.
Amazon Keyspaces for Apache Cassandra offers a highly optimized environment for getting the most out of your Cassandra workloads. Fill out the form to get started with Amazon Keyspaces.

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