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Blastoff! Cloud Migrations & Modernizations with Datavail’s Speed Test.

Assess and see how quickly you can build, migrate, or modernize a workload on AWS.

Datavail’s Speed Test Program

This program is designed to optimize around the workloads that provide the greatest return for your organization. Datavail will help you determine, assess and demonstrate your fastest, most optimized path to the AWS cloud.

Focus your speed test on the area of your business that represents the greatest opportunity:

Datavail Speed Test Features and Benefits

Multiple Workload Options: The speed test is not limited to a specific workload type. The focus of your engagement can be one of the many database options that AWS supports.

Datavail has you covered whether you’re working with a relational or non-relational database cloud migration, wanting to develop or refine your analytics approach with cloud optimization, go through cloud modernization for an application or architect a target AWS infrastructure configuration.

Questions the Speed Test Helps to Answer

  • What should I build, migrate or modernize in AWS? 
  • What is my new target architecture? 
  • How will that work with the rest of my environment? 
  • How will I monitor it? 
  • How will I manage it? 
  • How do I set the environment up for best practices? 
  • What is my total cost of ownership? 
  • What are the other costs to consider? 

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How It Works

Whiteboard Session

We start with a strategic whiteboard session that helps determine your area of focus and addresses questions that get answered in the proof of concept. Our team of experts meets with your SMEs and stakeholders to go over:

  • Your goals
  • Your existing challenges
  • Your business drivers
  • Your business processes
  • Your business requirements
  • Plans for success


This whiteboard session gives your organization the following deliverables: 

  • A better understanding of the AWS model 
  • Decision-making assistance on an optimal AWS approach
  • An understanding of the cost model and implementation estimates
  • Learning about relevant AWS services
  • Knowing which path is right for your needs 
  • Discovering available AWS tools 
  • Choosing your discovery focus
  • Understanding your post-migration support options 


We dive into your chosen focus area to uncover the relevant factors that will drive a successful outcome in your environment.

Initial Migration

Finally, our cloud experts work with you to configure an initial workload in AWS that is optimized for cost, timing and purpose.

How to Get Started with Datavail Speed Test

As an Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS, Datavail has developed this lightweight approach to business optimization to minimize your cost and efforts while maximizing the value to your business.

We will provide a Whiteboard session of up to two hours at no charge, or we will apply two hours to your initial SOW.

Fill out the form on this page to get started with the Datavail Speed Test program! Complete a call* with one of Datavail’s AWS experts and we’ll send you a Mini Sono Wireless speaker ($100 value).

*U.S. & Canada only. Customers, partners, competitors not eligible. While supplies last.
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