High Availability Data for DevOps Solutions

Ensure Fast Deployment & Achieve Maximum Database Uptime

When it comes to your databases, failure is not an option. This universal truth is compounded when you’re dealing with multiple databases across multiple teams. As such, achieving high availability – the rate at which a database is accessible relative to 100% – is a goal of most organizations. For many DevOps teams, however, this can often be a challenge.

Datavail’s DevOps experts can help with implementing a High Availability solution in your DevOps environment to ensure downtime is limited and deployment is fast and efficient.

Our database experts can build a customized approach to your DevOps High Availability needs, including:

  • Working closely with your DevOps team to understand your organization’s individual needs and concerns.
  • Implementing a system of standardization to keep the total number of configurations to a minimum.
  • Developing and implementing an automatic failover plan to ensure maximum availability.
  • Performing regular auditing of your configurations using a variety of tools or customized scripts.
  • Ongoing and scalable availability support as your enterprise grows and expands.

Improve the availability of the data in your DevOps environment by filling out the form to the right and speaking to a Datavail database administration expert today.