Unemployment Insurance Matching Analytics (UIMA)

Trend Analysis & Predictive Analytics for the Public Sector

State to state, the respective Divisions of Labor and Divisions of Unemployment Insurance continually try to understand fraudulent claims and payments to ineligible claimants. These divisions are collectively exposed to millions of dollars in overpayments annually, as well as payments to individuals who should not have received funds.

Based on the known data set of claimants, these divisions need a solution which allows for a configurable and extendable set of third-party data, such as lists of individuals incarcerated during the period in which a claim was submitted, in order to gain visibility into fraudulent claims. Datavail’s software provides an out-of-the-box analytics solution that delivers seamless dashboard reporting capabilities with historical storage for trend analytics and management by exception style reporting.

Knowing the data set of claim submissions stemming from the division’s pool of claimants allows Datavail’s UIMA system to cross-match datasets on several different data points. Results can be based on claim period, by date, and other attribute factors to give confidence in the accuracy of the match. The solution includes reports such as matches of records cross-matched, and other custom reports can be developed with ease. Reports can then be distributed to a list of recipients via email based on preferences. Many divisions may capture cross-matching lists to compare to claimants; however, these are often only ephemeral and are usually based on a daily or weekly comparison cycle.

Datavail’s solution provides the framework for historical data capture and fast retrieval in order to make use of trend analysis and predictive analytics.

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