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Across the Continent with Cloud Analytics

In this e-book, we’re taking a virtual trip across the continent with eight different companies that Datavail partnered with to successfully move their analytics workloads to AWS, Azure, or Oracle.

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Reporting Crisis: What Good is Business Intelligence with No Reports?

If your organization struggles with undelivered reports, long reporting queues, and inaccurate BI, download Davavail’s white paper on the reporting crisis.

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From Raw Data to Automated Insights

This blog post demonstrates some simple methods for building automations with REST API in OAC.

Oracle Analytics Cloud: From Raw Data to Automated Insights

This presentation will show you how, including an example using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) data to understand and detect things like Intrusion detection (Oracle IDCS Audit Log).

What Is Cloud Analytics – And Why Should You Use It?

The use of business analytics is a critical for any growing organization. Here are some reasons that organizations migrate these analytics workloads to the cloud.

7 Analytics Delivery Barriers That Cloud Analytics Can Solve

Been considering migrating your analytics to the cloud? Here's 7 bad habits you can solve by making the move.

How Oracle Apex Can Transform Your Enterprise App Development Cycle

Oracle APEX is a powerful and user-friendly low code platform that allows your organization to make enterprise applications quickly. New blog details its features.

The Elements of VUCA & What They Mean for Data Management in 2020

This post will discuss how each element of VUCA is affecting businesses, and why reliable, accurate data is a must-have in this tempestuous economic climate.

3 Critical Components of Smart Financial Planning

Recent world events have roiled the global economy. This post covers the 3 critical components for smarter financial planning so you can be prepared for the future.

The Challenges of ETL: OLTP vs. OLAP Databases

This blog post discusses what you need to know about one of the most important distinctions in ETL: OLTP and OLAP databases.

Smart Financial Planning in a Stormy Economy

In today's economic climate, financial planning is tougher than ever. Download our white paper to learn the 3 critical components that can help you weather the storm.

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