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Getting Into the Business Intelligence Game: Migrating OBIA to the Cloud

This presentation discusses best practice architecture for migrating the Oracle BI Applications to the cloud.

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Reporting Crisis: What Good is Business Intelligence with No Reports?

If your organization struggles with undelivered reports, long reporting queues, and inaccurate BI, download Davavail’s white paper on the reporting crisis.

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Why Companies Fail to Implement a Data Governance Strategy

This blog post discusses some of the primary reasons why implementing good data governance can be so challenging.

Automation Isn't Enough: You Need Robotics or AI

In this session, we’ll discuss how to best arm executives with actionable insights, the best practices for choosing the right visualization, and how to best extract the data story the executives are looking for. And, of course, we’ll talk about how to do it!

How to Improve Your Data Governance Strategy

Becoming a "data-driven" organization starts with a good data governance strategy. This blog post will help you know where to start.

The Value of a Data Governance Strategy

This blog post will explore the reasons why you can't afford to ignore the importance of data governance to the success of your business as a whole.

Food & Beverage Chain Amps Up on Data Governance

Read about how a major food and beverage chain worked with Datavail to develop and implement a strategic roadmap for its data management processes.

Technology Harnesses Tomorrow's Utility Revolutions

Today's utility grids are aging and will require significant upgrades and updates to manage the demands of the very near future. What role will technology play?

Data Governance Service Overview

Companies often have problems with unrepresentative or inconsistent data, causing them to lose trust in their reporting and business insights.

Data Governance: A Valuable Part of Business Information Success

This white paper will cover the realities, challenges, and solutions to implementing data governance in organizations large and small.

Technology Minimizes Utility Write-offs and Shut-offs

Technology can help utility companies reduce the instances of write-offs and shut-offs by providing them with information needed to make those critical decisions.

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