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Which Direction is your Dashboard Driving You?

Corporate leaders who actively engage in the dashboard design and requirements process are more likely to end up with the sophisticated decision-making tools they need.

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Reporting Crisis: What Good is Business Intelligence with No Reports?

If your organization struggles with undelivered reports, long reporting queues, and inaccurate BI, download Davavail’s white paper on the reporting crisis.

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Self-Service BI & Analytics Closes Data Gaps

The capacity to choose which data is relevant without having to go through an IT provider gives business owners better control over how they manage their entity.

Datavail Case Study: Polished Casual Restaurant Chain

Collecting data for your organization is one thing - knowing how to use it is something else. Check out how one restaurant chain saved millions by partnering with Datavail.

Polished Casual Restaurant Chain

The client is a polished casual restaurant chain with hundreds of locations across the United States and worldwide. It was founded more than 20 years ago and currently employs more than 20,000 people.

Polished Casual Restaurant Chain Achieves Multi-Year Return from Advanced Analytics

This white paper will discuss Datavail's recent success in helping one of its enterprise clients, a polished casual restaurant chain, make informed and intelligent business decisions.

How Does Business Intelligence Flow in Your Organization?

Your business needs an analytics solution that takes advantage of all the resources at your disposal. Learn how in this blog post.

Retailer Increases Annualized ROI with Advanced Analytics

This blog post shows how an office product retailer, used Datavail's custom software and business process management tools to become more efficient and productive.

What Makes a Modern BI Platform?

Learn the most important characteristics organizations need to look for in a modern BI platform that can serve their changing business requirements.

Enterprise Office Product Retailer Recognizes Multi-Million Dollar ROI

A growing number of companies are choosing to join forces with a knowledgeable BI and Analytics partner that can help them innovate and adapt to an ever-changing business environment.

Enterprise Office Product Retailer

A member of the Fortune 500, the client is a large office supply retailer. They employ more than 60,000 people in thousands of stores located in dozens of countries.

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