Help Desk

Reducing the Cost of Supporting Enterprise Software

Integrated with Infrastructure Management and Performance Monitoring capabilities. Automated correlation of infrastructure data, user performance and system performance with support tickets.

Automated ticket creation

Detailing reporting including:

  • Average Time to Resolution
  • Aging Reports
  • Open vs Closed trends
  • Open by Severity
  • Open by Source

Help Desk 1

Ticket Status Dashboard

The Help Desk is a central feature of all Enterprise Software deployments. There is really no ‘One Size Fits All’ solution and needs change depending on stage of deployment. Some challenges are that Support is often owned by the business and supported by teams that don’t always fully understand systems they are supporting which leads to disjoint processes that comprise overall Support Process. Also, Support is often a global challenge crossing time zones and languages with many disciplines required through lifecycle of a ticket.

Ownership Challenge