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How to Plan a Successful SMB Cloud Migration

63% of small and medium businesses (SMBs) plan on migrating workloads to the cloud this year, allowing them to continue innovating even as they deal with tight IT budgets.

Do you plan on joining them in digital transformation?

Learn From an Expert

At Datavail, we’ve helped 200+ customers migrate and modernize their applications, analytics, and databases in the cloud over the past 2 years alone. As you start exploring your cloud options, learn from our hands-on experience in SMB cloud migrations with these resources.

Your Cloud Migration Starting Point

We recommend starting your cloud journey by looking at your databases, as they often represent one of the largest portions of software spend in the cloud. When you get the database component of the cloud migration right, you create a strong foundation and achieve the right price-performance.

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Finding IT Budget For Your Cloud Migration Initiative

We can help you access AWS funding programs to help you offset your cloud migration costs, explore proof of concepts, and accelerate your time-to-value to drive growth. You don’t have to wait to harness the scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of the cloud due to budget constraints.

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See How Other SMBs Have Benefited from Database Cloud Migrations

See How a Firefighter College Improved Performance by 30% and Had Substantial Cost Savings with an On-premises SQL Server Migration to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Read How a SaaS Company Saved Money and Improved Performance by Modernizing its Databases from Amazon EC2 to Amazon Aurora MySQL

Discover How a Real Estate Company Reduced its Database Total Cost of Ownership and Control Database Sprawl by Migrating MySQL and MariaDB to Amazon RDS and Aurora

Learn How Novus Cut Costs by 50% and Accelerated Innovation by Moving On-Premises SQL Server and MySQL to Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

Why Work with Datavail for Your Database Cloud Migrations

Database migrations can be complex, resource-intensive projects. They need to be done right to avoid costly delays or outright failures. However, your in-house database administrators already have a lot on their plates, and they may not have expertise in migrations or your cloud platform. The cost of doing nothing is also substantial, as your competitors continue to innovate while you lack similar business agility.

At Datavail, we have been delivering cloud solutions for 10+ years, helping 100s of clients reach their business goals through database migrations to the cloud. Our 800+ database and cloud experts can help you at any point in your cloud journey, with services that include:

  • Coverage for all major database technologies, with dedicated teams for each.
  • Creating a migration strategy.
  • Recommending the right data platform for your unique business requirements.
  • Assessing your current systems.
  • Mapping, transferring, and cleaning data.
  • Ensuring data integrity.
  • Implementing a database modeling procedure.
  • Implementing version control.
  • Providing testing and maintenance.
  • Delivering 24x7x365 ongoing managed services and site reliability engineering post-migration.

Long-standing Partnership with AWS

Datavail is an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner, with our expert capabilities recognized by AWS in the following areas:

  • Windows Workload Competency
  • Oracle Workload Competency
  • Amazon RDS Service Delivery Partner
  • Amazon Aurora Service Delivery Partner

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