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Powering Your SMB Digital Transformation with an Analytics Roadmap

Making the right decisions for your business is a challenge in this economic climate – it’s even harder when you don’t have access to data-driven insights.

Doing more with less is a driving focus for many small and medium businesses this year, and the right analytics solutions show you exactly how to make that happen. However, several challenges can get in the way of accessible, useful, and actionable data.

Conquering Common SMB Analytics Challenges

  • The data you’re analyzing just doesn’t seem right – something is off.
  • Different reports are giving you inconsistent results.
  • Your business reporting lacks standardization, with everyone using different formats.
  • Analytics data comes from many sources that lack integration, centralization, and governance.
  • Reports exist, but don’t show you relevant Key Performance Indicators.
  • Reporting is consistently late or difficult to access.
An analytics roadmap helps you identify the areas where you can make the fastest impact, allowing you to achieve quick wins and build on your momentum. Whether you want to move away from using spreadsheets for reporting or need to modernize legacy analytics solutions that are showing their age, you can validate your approach with a proof of concept and get widespread buy-in at your organization.

Companies Succeeding with Analytics

See how Datavail customers have benefited from our analytics roadmaps and proof of concept services.

Data Management Improvements Enable Nonprofit to Search 63 Million Rows of Data in Seconds

Dental Chain Improves Operational Decision-Making with Real-Time Dashboards

Analytics Proof of Concept Unlocks Insights Hidden in Unstructured Data Lakes

Media Supply Chain Company Gains Self-Service Analytics and Timely Reports While Reducing Spend

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Offset Your Costs for Analytics Roadmaps and Proof of Concepts

IT budgets are tight, but the need for innovation is ongoing. You don’t need to suffer through the pain of doing nothing, losing valuable opportunities. We can help you offset the costs of your analytics roadmap and proof of concept through funding available from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

As an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner, we get you connected with these funding programs so that you can accelerate your data-driven growth, and deliver the analytics experts you need to grow your business through digital transformation. Fill out the form on this page to connect with our analytics experts to learn more.

Why Work with Datavail for Your SMB Analytics Solutions

At Datavail, we understand the business challenges you face and the nuts and bolts of IT environments, allowing us to bring your digital transformation vision into a reality. Our typical customer has been with us for 7+ years, trusting us as a partner in their long-term success.

Our analytics services include:

  • Analytics roadmaps and strategic planning
  • Analytics proof of concepts
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) analyses for the most cost-effective analytics solution
  • Cloud readiness assessments of your IT hardware, software, and integrations
  • Migrations and upgrades for your data warehouse or data lake
  • Integrations and connections for your on-premises, cloud, and third-party data sources
  • Real-time dashboards and reporting for up-to-the-minute insights

Fill out the form on this page to talk with our analytics experts about your digital transformation goals.

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