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You Have Arrived! Now What? Need a Pathway to Cloud Success Beyond Implementation

Datavail Webinar

In this presentation, we delved into the crucial question many organizations face during cloud adoption: “What do you wish you had known?”

Migrating to or implementing a new Cloud platform is a large project — but it is only the first step to successful Cloud adoption. But that learning does not stop at Go-Live. Once you are live in the Cloud, your new priorities include onboarding new resources, establishing and following Cloud standards, and optimizing your Cloud investments. Given the ever-changing and evolving nature of Cloud Applications, there is always more. This discussion, led by Pramod Alluri, VP of Datavail Solutions & Delivery, Practice Lead at Datavail, aimed to share valuable lessons learned, helping others navigate the ongoing process of Cloud adaptation more effectively.

Key Objectives:

  • Discuss how to handle change in the Cloud, whether it be technology or business process. The rate of change is significant and often well beyond that of on-premises. How can we handle that, and what resources are critical to this activity?
  • What does your organization need to consider as it progresses along this maturity?
  • Discuss the impact on people. The necessitated level of user ownership is different between on-premises and Cloud applications.
  • Has your organization considered the roles required as you progress from data center transformation to application stabilization to supporting hybrid deployments before modernizing your applications?
  • How do we adopt an ongoing TCO optimization process?

The Datavail Cloud team assists organizations throughout their Cloud journey, offering guidance beyond the initial migration or implementation phase. Learn more about our services here. For guidance in this constantly evolving field, contact our team for support and insights.

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