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White Paper: Why You Should Consider an Oracle to Amazon RDS Migration

Datavail White Paper

Does your current Oracle deployment truly meet your organization’s needs?

Amazon RDS offers several advantages that make it worth the migration.

Amazon RDS for Oracle Empowers Your Organization

Amazon RDS for Oracle offers a fully managed, cloud-based Oracle database deployment, making it easier to quickly configure, manage and scale Oracle databases. Database administration duties such as scaling the hardware, monitoring servers and patching software is taken over by AWS, freeing up your DBAs to focus on more strategic business initiatives.

The pricing models for Amazon RDS will give organizations cost savings with a lower cost of ownership than on-premise, self-managed Oracle deployments, plus RDS offers flexible licensing and pricing models for all workload sizes.

Why You Should Partner with Datavail for Your Migration

Even though an Amazon RDS migration simplifies parts of the process it’s still a complex project that involves several moving parts. If your organization is considering a migration from Oracle to Amazon RDS, this paper will teach you about the many benefits Amazon RDS has to offer along with:

  • Amazon RDS for Oracle licensing and pricing models
  • Database availability and reliability with Amazon RDS
  • Advantages of multiple availability zones in Amazon RDS
  • What to consider before migrating your Oracle Databases to RDS
  • Selecting the right databases to migrate to the cloud
  • Best practices for preparing your Oracle Databases for migration
  • How to move to Amazon RDS without disruption to business operations

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A migration is never an easy endeavor, you’ll still need to determine whether an Amazon RDS migration is the best choice for your organization. Our experts can help assess your current Oracle Database environment and business requirements so you can understand where you stand to benefit from a migration to Amazon RDS.

Learn more about Datavail’s AWS Managed Database Migration Services.

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