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Why Upgrade Your Database with Datavail

Learn why Datavail clients turn to us for their SQL Server upgrades from Mehul Joshi, Primary Team Manager, SQL Server. The fact that Datavail DBA experts perform upgrades so often on different types of databases assures companies that they will have an expert upgrade team at their service.

Show Transcript

At Datavail we do upgrades almost every other week because the client wants certain things and new clients want upgrade from older SQL versions to newer SQL server versions. There are things which we recommend to doing this like, especially for SQL server, we ask them to run SQL Server Upgrade Advisor which is a tool from Microsoft. That gives us a huge report. What are the things that we need to take care of it? If there is an issue, which will come up as a hiccup while we do the final upgrade. That is the one thing we do. We run SQL Server Upgrade Advisor. We make sure the security is moved on to the new server. Even also there are ways to do the upgrade, whether we are doing in-place upgrade or a side-by-side upgrade. There are different points which we need to take care for both different methods. We go based on what method we are going for and then we decide the [inaudible 00:01:07] or the plan accordingly.

We try to recommend them to do all the things first in a dev, then staging and finally in the production. All the stages have their own testing and user acceptances. Once we have a user acceptance and then we’ll do the final upgrade, whether it’s in-place or side-by-side.

Since we handled so many upgrades and patching or so many [inaudible 00:01:33] activity for different, different environments here at Datavail, we most likely possible that we will encounter all of the issues which might come up while we do the upgrade, right? In that fashion, if you think, if I’m upgrading a set of array, for example next week, at least I have known most of the issues which might come up in that particular environment with particular OS or particular version of SQL server. I can mitigate those issues well before the upgrade, plan accordingly and I’ll make sure that the upgrade happens smoothly. That is a huge advantage of having Datavail doing upgrades for any client.

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