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Why Choose Galera-Based Clustering Solution for MySQL

High Availability: Reason #1 for Choosing MySQL Galera Cluster

Galera Clustering Solution

Picture your worst nightmare … a dark dream where you’re slogging your way through a company datacenter awash in flood waters or seeing servers scorched into so much melted metal and plastic from a giant, unquenchable fire.

OK … it’s probably never going to happen like that in real life. But, if you did, you’d be plenty relieved to know you had multiple servers miles apart and that each had the same datasets stored in them. And, that’s what you can get with MySQL Galera Cluster.

Ready to learn more?

Download this whitepaper to understand what MySQL Galera Cluster really has to offer and where it might present challenges. In this paper, you’ll learn the basics of this solution, as well as some of the finer points you’ll be glad you know, such as:

  • Initial configuration requirements and syntax to ensure your cluster delivers the multi-master synchronization replication you want
  • Two types of state transfer methods used to update notes with the cluster and when to use them
  • What MySQL Galera clustercheck does, why you want it and how to set it up

You’ll also learn best practices, like the minimum number of nodes you should have in your cluster or how you should approach load balancing.

This overview gives you all the basics. So download your copy right now. You also can download a presentation used in a webinar based on the whitepaper.

Download The White Paper Here

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