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Wholesale Distribution Company Cites Round-the-Clock Database Support


In today’s fast-paced business landscape, database management plays a crucial role in the success of enterprises across industries. The ability to ensure round-the-clock availability, optimize performance, and maintain data integrity is essential for smooth operations and staying ahead of the competition. In this case study, we delve into the experience of a medium-sized wholesale distribution company that partnered with Datavail to address their database challenges. Through strategic solutions and expert support, they were able to achieve remarkable improvements in their database administration. Let’s explore their journey and the benefits they gained.

The Challenges Faced

When this wholesale distribution company approached Datavail, they had several key challenges that needed to be addressed. These included:

  1. Lower Costs
    Cost optimization is a priority for any business, and efficient database management can significantly contribute to reducing expenses. The company sought a solution that would help them lower costs associated with their database administration while maintaining high-quality service.
  2. Improved Database Administration Quality
    Managing databases requires expertise and attention to detail to ensure optimal performance and data security. The company aimed to enhance the quality of their database administration by leveraging industry best practices and specialized knowledge.
  3. Round-the-Clock Coverage
    With businesses operating globally and around the clock, it was imperative for this wholesale distribution company to have 24×7 coverage for their databases on weekends and holidays as well. They needed a partner who could provide comprehensive support at all times.

Utilizing Datavail’s Expertise

To tackle these challenges head-on, the wholesale distribution company turned to Datavail for their extensive knowledge and experience in database management. They utilized Datavail’s services in various ways:

  1. Remote Database Management
    With remote database management services from Datavail, the company was able to streamline operations by entrusting their database maintenance tasks to a team of experts located off-site. This freed up their IT staff to focus on more strategic initiatives while ensuring their databases were in safe hands.
  2. Database Upgrades and Migrations
    As technology evolves, database upgrades and migrations become necessary to leverage new features, enhance performance, and maintain compatibility. Datavail’s expertise in managing Microsoft SQL and Microsoft SharePoint databases allowed the company to seamlessly upgrade their systems without disruption or data loss.
  3. Database Assessments and Health Checks
    Regular assessments and health checks are vital to identify potential issues, optimize performance, and ensure the overall health of databases. Datavail conducted thorough assessments for the wholesale distribution company, providing valuable insights and recommendations for improvement.
  4. Performance Tuning
    Database performance directly impacts business operations. Datavail’s team of experts worked closely with the company to fine-tune their databases for maximum efficiency, improving response times and minimizing downtime.

The Results: Improved Database Administration

Since partnering with Datavail, this wholesale distribution company experienced a remarkable transformation in their database administration practices. The benefits they achieved include:

  • Improved Quality: By leveraging Datavail’s expertise, the company witnessed significant improvements in the quality of their database administration processes. Best practices were implemented, leading to enhanced data integrity and security.
  • Round-the-Clock Coverage: With Datavail’s round-the-clock support services, the wholesale distribution company gained peace of mind knowing that their databases were monitored and managed continuously. Their critical systems were safeguarded even during weekends and holidays.

The wholesale distribution company rated various aspects of Datavail’s services based on improvements observed within their organization:

  • DBA Coverage: Greatly Improved
  • DBA Expertise: Improved
  • Database Availability: Greatly Improved
  • Database Quality: Improved
  • Database Reliability: Improved


“Datavail gives us round-the-clock database monitoring and administration.”

With Datavail’s comprehensive solutions and dedicated support, this wholesale distribution company successfully overcame their database challenges, improving their operations and achieving greater efficiency.

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