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What You Need to Know About Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Module

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Field Service is a solution that helps field service personnel and managers provide maintenance and repair services to their customers. It automates many of the tasks included in providing field service, resulting in improving the productivity of field service personnel, reducing costs, and significantly increasing customer satisfaction and retention. For a service company, this translates into a strong competitive advantage and business growth.

Field Service software is used in many industries, including manufacturing, utilities, and healthcare. Even a facilities manager responsible for HVAC maintenance can use it to their advantage.

Gartner has placed Microsoft as a Leader in their Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management. That means that you should consider Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service as your answer to your field service challenges. This overview will help you evaluate the software for this use.

It is important to note that as of June 30, 2022, Microsoft is retiring the use rights of the on-premises version of the software and the associated mobile app. Any customers using that version will need to upgrade to the cloud version before the retirement date. Use rights override licensing agreements, so even if a company has a license for the on-premises version of Field Service, when Microsoft retires the use rights, the licenses are no longer valid.

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  • How You Can Benefit from Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service? – If you want to create an industry-leading customer experience, you need to be customer focused, arrive as quickly as possible when there’s a problem, fix problems the first time, and much more. There are many benefits to using the Field Service application; a list of eight of the most important are described in detail.
    • 1. You’ll increase the number of times you can fix a problem on the first call
    • 2. You’ll communicate more effectively with customers
    • 3. You’ll be able to automate preventive maintenance and service agreement visits
    • 4. You’ll give your technicians the chance to fix things faster and better
    • 5. You’ll receive reports to help manage your field service operations
    • 6. You’ll have the flexibility to extend your capabilities with Dynamics 365
    • 7. You’ll see a positive economic impact
    • 8. You’ll increase your competitive edge
  • What Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Module Offers You? – The Field Service module has a wide range of capabilities that streamline every aspect of field service operations. Ten key capabilities and their features and functionalities are explained.
    • 1. Work Orders
    • 2. Scheduling and Dispatch Tools
    • 3. Communication Tools
    • 4. Connected Field Service (IoT)
    • 5. Mobile Application
    • 6. Asset Management
    • 7. Inventory, Purchasing, and Returns
    • 8. Billing/Agreements
    • 9. Time Tracking
    • 10. Analytics
  • How Can Datavail Help? – Deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service can increase customer satisfaction, streamline your operations, and improve profitability.
    • Deployment consists of a series of steps, including reviewing how your internal processes work currently, planning for how you’ll set Field Service up to streamline those processes, identify the integrations you want to achieve, and how you’ll configure and customize Field Service to tailor it to your operations, including migration to the cloud if you are already using the Field Service on-premises version.
    • Datavail’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service experts can help you in planning and implementation to ensure that you make the most of your investment by providing expertise that you may not have in-house. We can also extend your in-house staff to reach your goals as quickly and smoothly as possible. Contact us today.

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