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What Datavail Clients Can Expect

Improve the Productivity of Your DBAs

Datavail’s team of experienced DBAs allows us to provide seamless support, no matter what time of day. Our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that they are covered 24/7.


Show Transcript

Chad Cleveland: Whenever I go to a customer, I make sure that they know that I'm part of their team. I'm there to support them and make them better DBAs. I want to take their monotonous work, datAvail wants to take their monotonous work, and pull it off, so they can do progressive forward thinking, how to make their environment better. They can improve their skills, rather than just do the day-to-day ticket stuff, and the work that they tire of, that just bogs them down and prevents them from getting better DBAs. Richard Daugherty: We work around the clock. The term "follow the sun" has been used by other companies and things like that. We maximize, and get things done in a really short amount of time, because we hand off work from one group in succession to another group, and another group. To do that, you have to have very strong communication about what the objectives are and try to adhere to a roadmap, if you will, of what you're trying to do. Megan Elphingstone: When we take on a new client, we'll go on-site. We have a checklist, we ask questions, we look and see how everything works there. We look at monitoring, we look at backups, we look at processes, we ask what the major questions are that they face. Are they up to date on patches? Are they up to date on the software? Really get to know them, and introduce them to our entire process. We'll run things in parallel for a while, and then slowly phase out things that aren't working, and phase in things that are. Then, there's a constant communication between me and the customer, and between datAvail and the customer. Sen Subramaniam: Our clients, all they have to do is shoot an email, and within the next five minutes, they're going to get a response, regardless of whether I am at office or not. My tier three counterpart is either at work, or [RT 00:01:51] or [2T 00:01:52], which is very familiar with the day-to-day activities. They are available 24/7 to respond. Peter Schroeder: I've been a DBA that's been the sole DBA in a company, and its kind of nerve-wracking, because it's like, you're 24/7. You really have to be available. That takes a lot of weight off their shoulders, and it's nice for them, because they can sleep through the night knowing that they're monitoring, and people are working events in the middle of the night to make sure the day goes smooth for them. Richard Daugherty: You have a very talented group of people behind you. Once you trust us to do the job, those people will be far more at ease, they'll be able to focus on maybe major projects and let us do the rather mundane, day-to-day maintenance things. I think that's really valuable for a DBA. We all hear about DBAs being burned out. I, in particular, am very cognizant of that for my clients. I'm like, "This guy needs to take his vacation, so we need to do everything possible to make him feel relaxed while he's on that vacation, that everything is going to be under control when he comes back." After they go on vacation, they come back, and they find out things have been running just fine, then they're okay with going on the next vacation, and that's really important. That's important for employers, that's important for their employees.

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