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What a Typical Datavail Client Looks Like

Gajanan Gaidhne, Lead Data Architect for Data Integration at Datavail describes how to solve the universal challenge when budget and staffing limitations interfere with meeting organizational goals.

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Most of the clients we work with, they have limited budget and they have so many things to do. I think that's pretty typical in this industry. Yeah. The many challenge we see is they have staffing problems. They have so many requests coming from internal and external stakeholders that their staff is overrun. They are busy firefighting every day and they couldn't focus on more strategy projects, which are in alignment with their organizational goals. As at Datavail, we come in and we can easily up-scale and down-scale those resources and we can help those companies to do the firefighting, so their valuable staff can focus on more strategy-projects. To give you an example, we worked on a project where we had very stricter timelines and we had to deliver Oracle to sequel migration. What happened was, because we have so many DBAs we can always collaborate with client DBAs, we can work with DBAs from other practices, and it happens that sometimes they have better solutions. Sometimes with the work-arounds and alternatives we can reframe the question. We can reframe the constraints. That's what happened. It happened that some of the Oracle functionalities that we were trying to migrate and we were bending backwards. It happened that we could easily meet those requirements by using third-party vendors. That eliminates that portion of the project and we could deliver that portion of the project well ahead of time. Datavail is well-poised to deliver in terms of IT cost minimization and offering flexibility. At the very minimal cost we can increase the DBA support time. We have 400+ DBAs so we can easily up-scale and down-scale those resources.

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