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Upgrading SQL Server to 2012 and Beyond

Database Upgrade Webinar and Checklist

Upgrading SQL Server to 2012 and Beyond

With each new release of SQL Server, DBA managers across the world ask themselves, “Is it time to upgrade?” If your answer is “Yes” then you are faced with a myriad of considerations. You’ll need to think about socket vs core licensing, side-by-side vs in-place upgrades, and resource provisioning. Perhaps your SQL instance is a good candidate for cloudification? What new functionality, like SQL’s new cardinality estimator or a database’s Target Recovery Time setting, might be an advantage? What new features, like Always-On Availability Groups or Buffer Pool Extensions, might be leveraged? All this to plan around and more… SQL Server has definitely not been standing still during the last decade.

If you feel “stuck” on an older SQL version, this webcast, presented by Andy McDermid, Principal SQL Server DBA at Datavail, will provide a comprehensive overview of what you need to consider before, during, and after making the move. You’ll get a clearer picture of the planning required and the projected benefits to help justify upgrading your current instance to SQL Server 2012 and beyond. All attendees will receive a checklist, a link to the playback and the slides used in the presentation for future reference.

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The side-by-side upgrade is potentially much easier to rollback and you can really plan ahead by setting up the new server ahead of time. Let it burn in, run load tests, etc. Of course, the whole thing is more complicated and more expensive to set up. There’s two systems, the before and the after and they’ll be running concurrently for some time. You’ll need that extra server, the more disc space for the backups if you’re maybe copying backups over. You really need a good plan, some kind migration plan to move the data over and so on.

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