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Upgrade or Bust: SQL Server 2008

Datavail White Paper

SQL Server 2008 reached its end of life in 2019

Are your databases and infrastructure still running SQL Server 2008? Your chances of risking business disruption increase when you rely on databases that are out of support.

Failing to switch can result in increased security vulnerabilities, a lack of business agility and no official support. Upgrading or a cloud migration is the only way forward.

Our expert DBAs have guided hundreds of companies through complex database migrations. We can help you put together a migration strategy, map and transfer the data from your SQL 2008 servers, maintain data integrity during this process, implement extensive testing procedures to prevent errors from reaching the production environment, and provide ongoing support to ensure that everything runs smoothly post-migration.

Learn more about SQL Server 2008’s end of life and future options by downloading our white paper.

Download the White Paper Here


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