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Unleash the Power of PostgreSQL 12 with New Features

Datavail White Paper

PostgreSQL, commonly known as Postgres, is one of the most advanced open-source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) available. This enterprise-class database management system supports both Relational (SQL) and Non-Relational (JSON) queries. PostgreSQL has the backing and support of a highly experienced development community. Their tremendous knowledge and contributions have made PostgreSQL the highly reliable product that it is today.

PostgreSQL offers advanced features that are usually only found in pricey commercial databases. You’ll find support for advanced data types, granular migration and replication, extensive performance optimization tools, parameter tuning at the local up to the global level, and many other features.

This paper covers the history of PostgreSQL, an in-depth look at its wide range of features and making the upgrade to PostgreSQL12.

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