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Tuning ETLs for Better BI

Using OLAP and OLTP in Your Tuning Approach

Tuning ETLs for Better Bi

There are two main goals for tuning your ETLs for better performance and they are to enhance speed and consistency. So what do you need to know to address bottlenecks but still save time?

Watch our webinar on demand where Datavail’s senior applications tuner, Chuck Ezell will discuss some techniques on how to find bottlenecks in your BI ETL jobs and how to tune slow SQL statements, improving the speed of nightly ETL jobs.

The webinar will discuss using OLTP and OLAP in your tuning approach, the components and layers of common ETLs and some tips and tools to make monitoring ETL activity easier.

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Below is a preview of the webinar transcript. ETL, your source data, it can be a lot of different things. You can have data in the cloud. You can have data wrapped up in some type of a CSV file or unstructured data. A NoSQL database is really a file system-type database. There could be part of your ETL that actually, the source is another data warehouse. There are ETLs, obviously, that have a portion of their source data in data warehouses. We co-mingle that, we grab data from a SQL server database, we grab data from an Oracle OLTP EBS database, for example, combine that, transform that. I just mentioned EBS. Yeah, an EBS database which would be an OLTP system or relational database. Fill out the form to the right to watch the webinar in its entirety. >>

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