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Transportation Services Company Smooths Operations


In this case study, we will explore how a leading transportation services company leveraged Datavail’s expertise to achieve remarkable results in their database management. Discover how they successfully enhanced their round-the-clock coverage and transformed their database environment.

Challenges Faced by the Transportation Services Company

Lower Costs without Compromising Quality

Keeping costs under control while maintaining high-quality database administration is a common challenge for businesses across industries. The transportation services company recognized the need to optimize their resources without sacrificing efficiency or jeopardizing their critical data infrastructure.

Focus on Core Business Operations

Database administration is a complex and time-consuming task that can divert valuable resources and attention from core business operations. The transportation services company sought a solution that would allow them to focus on their primary mission – delivering exceptional transport services – while leaving the intricacies of database management to experts.

Round-the-Clock Coverage for Uninterrupted Service

Transportation services operate around the clock, ensuring customers’ needs are met at any time of day or night. The company required 24×7 coverage of their databases, including weekends and holidays, to ensure seamless operations and resolve any potential issues promptly.

Addressing Staff Turnover and Burnout

Maintaining an in-house team of skilled database administrators (DBAs) can be challenging due to turnover and burnout risks. The transportation services company needed a reliable partner who could provide consistent support without experiencing interruptions or delays caused by staffing issues.

Utilizing Datavail’s Expertise: A Comprehensive Approach

Recognizing the need for specialized assistance in managing their databases, the transportation services company turned to Datavail. Leveraging Datavail’s extensive experience and comprehensive range of services, they were able to address their challenges effectively.

Remote Database Management

By partnering with Datavail, the transportation services company gained access to remote database management services. This allowed them to offload the day-to-day maintenance tasks and focus on strategic initiatives while ensuring their databases were in expert hands.

Database Upgrades and Migrations

Datavail provided seamless support during database upgrades and migrations, minimizing downtime and reducing the risk of data loss. Their expertise ensured a smooth transition and optimized performance for the transportation services company’s critical systems.

Database Assessments and Health Checks

Regular assessments and health checks conducted by Datavail experts helped identify potential issues before they became significant problems. This proactive approach allowed the transportation services company to maintain optimal database performance and prevent disruptions.

Performance Tuning

Datavail’s performance tuning services played a crucial role in optimizing the transportation services company’s databases. Through careful analysis, fine-tuning queries, and optimizing configurations, Datavail enhanced overall system performance, resulting in faster response times and improved efficiency.

Achieving Remarkable Results: The Benefits of Partnering with Datavail

Since engaging with Datavail, the transportation services company has experienced significant improvements across various aspects of their database administration:

  • Dramatically Improved DBA Coverage: With round-the-clock support from Datavail’s team of expert DBAs, the transportation services company no longer worries about staffing gaps or unexpected absences impacting their operations.
  • Dramatically Improved DBA Expertise: Leveraging Datavail’s deep knowledge and experience in database administration, the transportation services company gained access to top-tier expertise that ensures efficient management of their databases.
  • Dramatically Improved Database Availability: The partnership with Datavail resulted in enhanced uptime and reduced downtime for critical systems. The transportation services company can now deliver uninterrupted service to their customers, improving overall customer satisfaction.
  • Dramatically Improved Database Environment Quality: Datavail’s comprehensive approach to database management led to a significant improvement in the transportation services company’s database environment. It is now more stable, secure, and optimized for peak performance.
  • Dramatically Improved Database Reliability: The transportation services company can rely on their databases for accurate and consistent data, enabling them to make informed decisions and deliver reliable services to their customers.
  • Greatly Improved Database Performance: Through Datavail’s performance tuning efforts, the transportation services company witnessed remarkable improvements in database response times and overall system efficiency.


“Datavail has provided a cost-effective solution to our global database requirements; 24/7 coverage, global monitoring, and managed environment that meets our needs.”

By partnering with Datavail, the leading transportation services company successfully tackled their challenges. Their databases now offer enhanced availability, reliability, and quality assurance while allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional transport services. If you too seek a trusted partner for your database administration needs – one that can provide round-the-clock coverage and deliver tangible improvements – consider exploring how Datavail can help transform your database environment into a competitive advantage.

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