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Training and Education Organization Learns How to Get More from their Snowflake Data Warehouse Analytics Environment

Datavail Case Study

With enterprise technology constantly evolving, even the cutting-edge tools and best practices of yesterday can become outdated tomorrow. For this reason, it’s an excellent idea to schedule thorough health checks and assessments from a trusted IT partner at regular intervals, and to make sure you are getting the most value from your technology investments.

In this case study, we’ll discuss one of our recent clients, a nonprofit in the education industry, which was interested in refreshing and strengthening its IT ecosystem. Datavail provided a number of recommendations across the board, from data integration to software development, to help the client improve its reporting and analytics workflow.

Download this case study to learn more regarding how Datavail assisted our client regarding their Snowflake Data Warehouse Analytics environment:

  • The Client’s Situation and Requirements – The client was interested in getting an assessment of their current data reporting and analytics environment, as well as identifying any performance or architectural issues. The client’s specific goals for the assessment are covered.
  • The Problem: Issues with Data Quality, Security, Performance, and More – There were several issues with the client’s existing data reporting and analytics workflow. The client was struggling with the complexity of their IT ecosystem, and also lacked the in-house staff necessary to handle the challenges of their data reporting and analytics environment. The components of the analytics platform and technologies are addressed.
  • The Solution: Robust Assessment of Reporting and Analytics Workflow – Facing a number of issues and challenges in its IT environment, the client decided to work with a skilled, experienced data reporting and analytics partner. Specifically, the client wanted to find the right managed services provider who could help diagnose their problems and propose the right improvements and solutions. Datavail’s findings and recommendations are explained.
  • The Results: A Clear Roadmap for the Future – The client now has Datavail’s extensive list of recommendations, cost-benefit analyses, comparisons, and more. Thanks to Datavail’s comprehensive IT assessment, the client has a crystal-clear roadmap for how to improve their data reporting and analytics.
  • How Datavail Can Help – Datavail’s work in this case study is just one example of how we help companies turn their enterprise data into a strategic driver of their business. We are a knowledgeable, qualified, and highly experienced IT partner for thousands of clients who need assistance with their analytics, business intelligence, databases, and application development.
  • Datavail offers an end-to-end suite of business intelligence and analytics consulting services, including:
    • Health checks and assessments
    • Strategic planning and road mapping
    • Data integration and warehousing
    • Application development and modernization
    • DevOps consulting and managed services
    • Quality Assurance (QA) and testing services
    • Performance monitoring, tuning, and optimization
    • Long-term support and maintenance

With countless satisfied clients and an average partnership length of more than 7 years, Datavail has what you need to make your next IT project a success. Datavail has acquired an extensive list of strategic partner alliances, including an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner for applications, databases and analytics; an Oracle Specialized Partner for business intelligence and databases; and a Microsoft Gold Partner with experience across the Microsoft technology stack.

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