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Top SQL Server Issues

Improve Database Performance with Routine Health Checks


In a complex database environment, keeping tabs on the health and stability of each system is critical to ensure data availability, accessibility, recoverability, and security. Through performing thousands of health-checks for clients, Datavail has identified the top issues affecting SQL Server performance. From misconfigured memory settings to missing backups, Datavail has gathered evidence from client health check history that identifies the most common issues DBA managers must correct for optimal database performance.

Datavail’s SQL Health Check is used not only as a diagnostic tool but also a road map of the work that needs to be performed. From there, routine health checks have proven to improve database performance. In this white paper, SQL Server Principal DBA for Datavail, Andy McDermid will share the top issues, the consequences of not taking action, and why consistent use of a SQL Server Health Check in conjunction with ongoing database management can lead to improved database environments and maximize the investment of time and resources.

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