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Top 10 Maintenance Tasks on the PostgreSQL PaaS

Datavail Presentation

There is a myth that once databases are moved to a cloud provider, the company won’t need its database administrator (DBA) team.  The idea is, “the cloud provider will manage everything.”  While the cloud certainly helps with repetitive database administration tasks, there are still a large number of tasks that need to be performed by the DBA and DevOps team.

Shailesh Rangani, Practice Lead for PostgreSQL Services, Datavail, presented “Top 10 Maintenance Tasks for the PostgreSQL PaaS” at PGDay Chicago 2023. In this session, he covered the top 10 maintenance tasks that a PostgreSQL DBA/DevOps team needs to take care of even when the database is migrated to a Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS), such as Amazon RDS/Aurora, Azure Flexible Server, CitusDB, and Google CloudSQL/AlloyDB.

In this presentation, you will learn how to monitor and proactively perform maintenance of these Postgres administration tasks:

  • Design Best Practices
  • DB Parameters Tuning
  • SQL Tuning
  • Tuning AutoVacuum Threshold
  • Maintenance On The TABLE/INDEX Bloats
  • Partition Table Maintenance & purging Data
  • Auditing
  • Index Review
  • Sequence/INT Wraparound Review
  • TransactionID Wraparound

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