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The ROI of Oracle EPM Cloud vs. Hyperion On-Premises

The ROI of Oracle EPM Cloud vs. Hyperion On-Premises

Oracle EPM Cloud and Hyperion on-premises solutions support the same business process and provide very similar benefits.

But, they work differently and the upfront investments vary, too. How do you know which one will work best for your company?

Download this paper to learn:

  • How to approach determining ROI of software solutions
  • The most important numbers that should factor into your calculations
  • The kinds of intangible benefits you shouldn’t overlook
  • A sample look at advantages and disadvantages of an on-site platform versus a cloud solution

Identify the right outcomes for your organization, and you’ll easily be able to figure out the right ROI considerations to factor in. This paper will help you do it.

Download The White Paper Here

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