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The Care and Feeding of Db2 DBAs

Datavail Presentation

Keeping Db2 DBA teams fully staffed is harder than ever, but database requirements keep growing. Learn how a managed service provider is actually a DBA team’s new best friend with real-life examples of how this service and delivery model works.

There’s a lot of pressure on today’s Db2 DBAs, and between the Great Resignation, the retirement of seasoned Db2 professionals, a limited pipeline of new Db2 DBAs, pandemic-related challenges, and plain old burnout, it’s hard to keep staff numbers up. But your Db2 database demands are still there, so what are you supposed to do?

A common approach to this situation is working with a managed service provider, but sometimes an MSP seems more like a four-letter word to in-house DBAs. The external partner is viewed as competition or a threat to job security. However, in reality, the relationship is complementary in nature, giving in-house DBAs their nights, weeks, and vacations back, along with letting them work on solving interesting Db2 problems, rather than fighting to keep the lights on amid fluctuating staff numbers.

In this session, we explain:

  • What it’s really like collaborating with an MSP
  • How the service and delivery model works for ongoing and one-off needs
  • Ways to get the most out of a partnership with an MSP
  • How an MSP is really a DBA’s best friend


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