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Textron: A Case Study in Effective Database Management


Textron, a leading Aerospace & Defense company, faced several challenges in their database administration. They needed to lower costs, improve the quality of their database management, and ensure round-the-clock coverage. That’s when they turned to Datavail for their expertise and comprehensive services. In this case study, we will explore how Textron utilized Datavail’s offerings to overcome these challenges and achieve remarkable results.

Lower Costs and Improved Quality with Remote Database Management

One of the primary goals for Textron was to reduce their database administration costs while maintaining high-quality services. By partnering with Datavail, they were able to achieve this objective through remote database management. This approach allowed Textron to tap into the extensive knowledge and experience of Datavail’s team without the need for on-site resources. The dedicated experts at Datavail handled all aspects of database administration efficiently, ensuring optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.

Seamless Database Upgrades and Migrations

Database upgrades and migrations can be complex processes that require careful planning and execution. Textron relied on Datavail’s expertise in this area to ensure smooth transitions without disruptions or data loss. The skilled team at Datavail worked closely with Textron to analyze their existing infrastructure, develop a tailored upgrade plan, and implement it seamlessly. As a result, Textron experienced minimal downtime during upgrades and migrations while maximizing system performance.

Comprehensive Database Assessments and Health Checks

To maintain a robust database environment, regular assessments and health checks are crucial. Textron recognized the importance of proactive monitoring and engaged Datavail for comprehensive assessments of their databases. The knowledgeable professionals at Datavail performed thorough evaluations of the systems, identifying any potential issues or areas for improvement. With these valuable insights, Textron could address vulnerabilities promptly, optimize performance, and enhance overall reliability.

Fine-tuning Performance for Optimal Efficiency

Performance tuning plays a vital role in ensuring that databases operate at peak efficiency. Textron understood the significance of this aspect and leveraged Datavail’s expertise in performance tuning to optimize their database systems. The skilled team at Datavail conducted in-depth analysis, identified bottlenecks, and implemented strategic solutions to enhance performance. By fine-tuning their databases, Textron experienced improved response times, increased throughput, and enhanced user satisfaction.

Achieving Cost Savings and Round-the-Clock Coverage

Textron’s collaboration with Datavail resulted in significant benefits for their database management. By implementing remote database management services, they achieved substantial cost savings while enjoying round-the-clock coverage. With Datavail’s dedicated experts available 24/7, Textron had peace of mind knowing that their databases were monitored and supported at all times. This comprehensive coverage allowed them to focus on their core business operations while relying on Datavail’s expertise for their critical database infrastructure.

“When we add a database we typically have Datavail do an evaluation of the system and then perform a clean up/tune up before moving into regular coverage. We also use them to perform system upgrades.”

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